Specific Kayak seat

Ok I bought the seat years ago. I pulled it out unwrapped it put it in the boat and it works great. I’m trying to recommend it to another kayaker bit it isn’t labeled and I threw away the tags with the wrapping. Somebody here knows this seat.

It is a white water seat from a supplier that does a lot of whitewater. It is a “bean bag” seat you inflate then sit on and let the air out. The beans take on the shape necessary. What is brand name , supplier etc. ?


Jackson Sweet Cheeks?

YES, that’s the one.


Is it comfy?

Yep, I have two Sweet Cheeks (a regular and a large) and I would say that they are not just for whitewater boats. I switched out the seat in my last sea kayak and the Sweet Cheeks works great. Fits both my boat and my butt like a glove. In my current boat I prefer the stock seat.

Well not as much as my recliner. But it beats the old seat. The old one made one side sore. It would be good for one maybe two hours. This one makes it good for three hours ( yesterday’s trip) and everything feels about the same.

One of our CT(Circumnavigation Trail Florida) paddlers was having similar troubles. He’s going to try this seat to make it the last 300 miles of 1500 around the State. They do about 20 to 30 miles a day and have long times when landing/stretching isn’t possible.

My goals are somewhat more reasonable to my senior status. Thanks for the information.