spectra rope

anyone know where I can get Spectra rope? Same stuff as is used to make the Spiderwire fishing line.

I had heard that you could get rope for the recoil start on small engines made of Spectra.

I’ve twice gotten it at better canoe &
kayak shops. Three-eighths, wrapped in kermantle sheath.

But be careful you aren’t engaging in overkill. Selection of the best rope is specific to the application, and neither Spectra nor Kevlar is the best fiber for all purposes.

for what end use?

fishing, lawnmowing, paddling, shoelaces?

west marine.com

NRS has 1/4"stuff

For example, spectra does not make
good rope for tying boats on cars. Nor do Nylon or Kevlar. All are too stretchy, and when they get wet, they relax. Polyester rope is much better for tying on boats.

Nylon has some of the same negative issues as a shoelace, if you ever hike in the rain.

Kevlar “stretchy”…unbelievable!



Consider other ropes as well, spectra is usually too much of overkill for kayaking.

Or Hamilton Marine (online) NM

I’ve not ordered from them, but I’ve heard nothing but good:


Spectra is used for
some throw ropes, but the fact that is doesn’t stretch much means that the full force is applied to the rescuer more instantaneously. With small diameter line that is rough on the hands, it can quickly become uncomfortable to hold under a load. A more stretchy poly line in 3/8 diameter is much better for a throw rope IMO.

The Spectra line is useful in rigging rope rescues for boats and people where a stretchy line stored a lot more energy and can be very dangerous. The Spectra can be used to pull a swamped/broached boat out of some pretty rough water.

Never have Spectra line out where you could be entangled in it. You might be impressed with the high breaking strength as it rips off an appendage you had become quite fond of.


Doesn’t stretch? Relative to what?

of course it stretches!

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Copied it from google:

30% of breaking load:

Nylon, 3 ply - 14%
Dacron, braided - 5%
Dacron, stay set x - 3.25%
Spectra, xls-800 - 1.25%
Wire rope, 7/19 - 1.25%
Spectra, xls-900 - 0.95%

So, it can stretch as much as metal cable

Well, I can feel the stretch in my
spectra ropes. My polyester ropes are much less stretchy. You figure it out.

apples and oranges
Are you sure you are comparing comparable ropes?

Say loosely woven and tightly braided would have different “stretchiness” feel to them.


I thought of that. The polyester ropes
are very tightly woven. The Spectra ropes (my throw rope and my canoe painters) are straight fiber inside with a woven sheath. But even when I handle the Spectra ropes so as to take up the sheath slip, I can still feel the Spectra stretch when I lay my weight into it. Seems like I should have a hard time feeling a 1 or 2% stretch, if that is what formal measurements show.

The apples and oranges might be the measurement method. I wish I had comparable rope weaves.

Thanks, very interesting.
Doesn’t explain what I was experiencing subjectively, but comparing dissimilar rope weaves may explain that.