Speed comparison

Hi , I would like your advise on speed comparison

with the tempest170 glass.Is it almost the fastest boat available for a 17 footer?



Not even close

Try the Force 3 by Impex
See ya’ on the water,



What kind of fast?

Are you talking about exactly 17 feet or less?

Straight line flat water top speed fast?

Fast cruising with a load?

Rough water fast?

I’m looking at one now
it’s not moving at all.

fastest 17foot kayak
ICF race boats. Max allowed length is 17’2". Doubt this is what you’re looking for though. Not much gear capacity in these. Not user friendly to the unninitiated either.

My 16’8" QCC Q600 is one of the faster sub-17’ kayaks that I’ve paddled. Well faster than a Tempest style boat in a race but if you are just looking to cruise then the speed difference is negligible and you should focus on comfort, fit, and handling.

At least half fast.

Speed comparison
OK! my question was’nt very clear. What I mean

by speed is to compare with the same type of boat

ex: Currituck,Andromeda,Chatam etc…

The fact is that I would to have a boat that

have a good cruising speed and would be maneuver

as well! I am 5’9 and weight 185 pounds.


P.S. I am paddling a Currituck for now.


Tempest 170 has a lot of rocker
which tends to make for a not-so-fast boat.

One of the faster 17-footers is the VCP Aquanaut (17’8" composite).


is a superior kayak to the Tempest IMO, so why are you even thinking Tempest? Necky Chatham 17 or 18 would be faster I think than the tempest, but that’s comparing speeds among mini vans. You already have an excellent kayak within that category. Keep your Impex for coastal touring and get yourself a legit fast boat such as an Epic 18, or surf ski. The real world difference among any of the Brit styled boats at 17 ish ft. is negligable. Don’t be swayed by bias semi designers either!

rocker = speed
two boat exactly the same except one has more rocker, the rockered boat will be faster. less wetted surface = less drag.


But doesn’t less wetted surface (waterline) equal less theoretical hull speed? I don’t see any rocker in competition racing kayaks so I would think that rocker doesn’t correlate to speed. Could you explain a bit further flatpick?

Oh and the Tempest is a fine kayak but I did find it a bit sluggish. The Betsie Bay Valkyrie I used this summer was a faster 17 foot kayak.

I believe just the opposite

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A straight line is the shortest distance, add rocker and it's longer (but not the length of the waterline - that becomes less effective for it's length). The wetted surface will not change by only increasing rocker, but rather be moved towards the center increasing width at the water line. There are other hydro dynamics going on too but I don't know the math. I just build custom boats and rocker is always weighed for handling vs. speed - more rocker = more handling, less rocker = more speed. I know that's generalizing and I don't believe it's true with every design (probably depends upon where the rocker is). There are racing hulls with quite a bit of rocker not to mention fast Baidarka designs with tons of rocker (but they're both 17" wide too).

Your theory would mean more rocker=more speed which would be awesome! You could then have a very fast and very light handling kayak. You know of any?

If I'm wrong I'd sure like to be enlightened so my next kayak or canoe will be what I've always wanted ;>)

Why don’t you rent one?
You can compare the same paddler (you) against your current kayak, a known quantity to you.

Much better than relying on Internet arguments, especially when the other variables such as comfort, fit, and YOUR paddling conditions and skills are thrown into the equation.

A rockered boat “may” net better speeds in rough seas, but please find me a flat water race boat, Olympic sprint boat etc., with a lot of rocker. Surf skis have rocker, but per length less so than coastal touring kayaks. They rely on volume in the bow to operate well in the rough. Boats like QCC’s, Epic 18, Kurtons, etc., have rocker, but not as much as many Brit / Greenland designs. These boats favour straight ahead speed over playfulness. The Tempest 170 to me is one boring kayak. (not great at anything) The 165 may be better at least more fun / playful?

Agree with Airwave

Take a look
Please take a look at racing kayaks as Nelo Vanquish http://vajda.dansprint.com/data/products/k1-m-l_large.jpg and Plastex Olympic Warrior http://www.plastexitalia.it/11.html

Looks to me to be some rocker.

And Take A GPS Unit Along

Thanks folks! I will demoe one to compare it

with my Currituck.I like mine and it is very manouver.The only thing that upset me is that

my wife has a tempest 165(plastic) and keep cruisin at 6km/hr with no effort while I am

paddling with more cadence to follow her! The thing that I like about the tempest is the

cockpit fitting wich is one of the best in the industry.