Speed with a GP into the wind.

Out paddling yesterday with a guy who had never used a GP before. He really likes it , but when we hit a serious head wind , he said it felt slower than his Euro.

GP people - got any data on this?

Sounds Puh Syko Logical to Me
Are we talking about cadence getting slower or the boat going slower than if he were pushing a Euro just as hard? If he felt like his cadence was slower than with his Euro he may be right. Might be more surface area than with his Euro. If he felt like he was slower while doing equal work I’d say it’s an illusion.

gp speed
takes a long time to get the feel of a gp and to unlearn euro habits. my guess is that he was using it as a euro paddle, which is not the most efficient way to use a gp.

Could be
the BPA contained in most plastic Euroblades has been releasing neurotoxins into the brain of your friend causing an LSD like experience. Times slows, universes collide, vapors feel solid, and white people can dance.

On the bright side, recovery is possible with full time exposer to western red cedar, preferably carved to the correct Greenland specs.

Well Dan, it is pine, carved to GP

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specs as I understand them.And his Euro is CF.

I am a really good into the wind paddler with my GP. I actually prefer going into the wind. Practice, practice, practice…

The greenland paddle needs different
technique than a euro so it probably wasn’t as fast for him. When I paddle I always take a narrow blade and a wider blade greenland paddle and if I’m going to be paddling into a head wind I like using the narrow paddle with a faster cadence. I allows me to paddle in these conditions for a longer period of time withe less fatigue.