speedmate knotmeter on carbon

I have 2 kevlar boats and a carbon Ikkuma. My Speedmate knotmeter works fine on the kevlar boats but not on the carbon. Could the carbon (or the soric in the hull) impede the signal from the propeller?

The carbon fibers are conductive, but
without knowing how your speedmeter works, I can’t say whether the carbon might be shielding a signal.

spinning magnet?
There is a spinning propeller that I assume is a magnet. The propeller is velcroed to the underside of the hull and sends a signal to a sensor on the deck. There are no wires. Could the carbon fiber be shielding the signal?

I think the carbon could be shielding
or degrading the signal. I’m not sure what to suggest. One wacky idea would be to paint a silver band from the prop on the bottom to the vicinity of the thing on the deck. The silver would have to be painted over with varnish. Unfortunately, I have the silver paint, but you don’t. You can think of other ways to get a conductor from the vicinity of the sender device to the vicinity of the receiving device.