Speedstroke gym; bungee & rope question.

I have had the machine for over 2 years now and it time to change the ropes and bungee. I am installing the extra set it came with new but would like to have a backup set on hand. I inquired with Kayakpro about purchasing a spare set and I was informed it would cost, for 2 pieces of 1/4 inch rope and 1 piece of 1/4 bungee, $60.00 plus a $30.00 shipping fee…LOL. Has anyone purchased ropes and bungee for this machine and if so what kind of rope and bungee did you use and where did you purchase it from. For the record - the Speedstroke gym is everything it is cranked up to be…but $90.00 for a few feet synthetic cord…come on now.

I wholeheartedly agree.
I purchased one of the earlier models of the SpeedStroke Gym when it first came out. It came with a problematic console that seemed to suck the life out of the batteries even when the unit was turned off. I mentioned it to Kayakpro and they sent me another console that did the same thing. A few years later they rolled out an “improved” console that allows for calibration and didn’t eat batteries. I asked how much it would be for an upgrade and they wanted $350. Seemed like highway robbery to me. Overall I think the Speedstroke Gym is a great design, I just think their customer service and product support is lackluster. I wish a few more companys would enter this market so they would improve their after sales service. $90 for some nylon rope is crazy.

I believe…
…I’ve seen some posts in the past (perhaps on other sites) in which other folks have used regular nylon rope that you can purchase at the hardware store. I don’t think the rope is special in any way except for the extremely high price charged by KayakPro.

SpeedStroke replacement rope
The rope and bungee are standard off-the-shelf stock as far as I can tell. Grayson and Steve would be able to clarify that for you, if you aren’t sure.

I’m still on my original rope/bungee. When the replacement set is worn out, it should be simple to replace – a quick trip to the local boating supply store (e.g. West Marine) to match the length/thickness/braid.

What you are probably paying for from KayakPro is simple convenience (cut to size, etc).

Greg Stamer

It seems a bit usurious
For reference, a replacement bungie for a Concept 2 rower is $5.50.

apples to apples?
Let’s at least compare apples to apples.

FWIW, I examined my replacement rope set. It’s two pieces of 11.5 foot, 1/4" double-braided nylon rope (23 feet of rope), and 18 feet of 1/4" bungee.

I just looked up some fairly common prices (you can spend a lot more on higher quality rope):

23’ (double-braide rope) X 1.19 (per foot) = 27.37

18’ (bungee) X .45 (per foot) = 8.10

Total, $35.47.

I’ll make a trip to the supply store when I need a new batch.

Greg Stamer

Apple to apple
The Concept 2 bungie is shorter - in the neighborhood of 10 or 12 feet, and 3/8" diameter if I remember correctly.

So the apple to apple comparison is that Concept 2 charges very close to “retail” for their replacement bungie, while SpeedStroke tacks on a really big mark-up.

And 23 feet of 1/4" rope and 18 feet of 1/4" bungie could easily fit in a medium FedEx envelope and be sent overnight for about $12, or US mail Priority 2-day for about $7. So they are making a bunch on the shipping too.

Thanks for the input
I measured the replacement set before installing and I should have no problem finding what I need.