Speedstroke Gym

I just ordered a new Speedstroke Gym yesterday. I’m expecting it to arrive in a few days. Any tips/advice on setup and use would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

Hi - I’ve had the Speedstroke standard for about 2 years and well over 1500 miles on it, mostly in the off season. Adjusting the “speedometer” should be done correctly. I’ve taken 5 mile or 10k times and used that to calibrate the speedometer on the erg. It still comes out faster than I actually paddle on the water. But is still close.

This erg will get you in great shape, and really get your stroke to the next level. It gets training for kayak fitness to a much higher level, but does let your water skills get rusty. I’ve never regretted getting my Speedstroke for a moment.

Thanks for the info
The told me the new version of the Speedstroke is pre-calibrated. Most likely it’s calibrated to be a K-1. I’m hoping it will be easy to adjust if I need to do it later. They also indicated that we will be able to “virtually” race with other folks on the Internet with some new software that is coming out.