Speedstroke user group

Hi. What with winter coming on, I suspect at least a few of us are moving more of their training indoors. I was hoping to get a Speedstroke headcount- how many people here have one or have access to one and are using it regularly. Perhaps we could do a bit of virtual training together, for motivation etc.

I realize the calibration of these things is a bit variable, so I don’t think there would be much point in trying to “race”, or even necessarily to set distance goals. Time goals, HR goals and intervals goals would all be doable though (for example, "tomorrow let’s all do 45 minutes, keep it in Zone 3 for 25 minutes to warm up, then 20 minutes of intervals, 2 min Zone 5, 2 min Zone 3, etc).

Anyone interested in something like this? I’m currently using the Speedstroke about 3 days/ week, alternating with lifting, rowing, paddling on water, elliptical, etc.


Speedstroke users’ group?
Andrew -

I’d be interested in this. I’m on the Speedstroke now for 4-6 days a week, about 50 minutes at a time.

It seems like pretty good fitness training - about like a Concept 2. I find that the seating helps give good feedback on leg drive and rotation, but not so good on holding the hands up high.


Count me in!!!
Be a great idea to help the cold weather go by. Try using a mirror in front to watch paddling position. My group goes onthe machine at base setting 0245 then paddles in boat they use and do a 1000 or mile for time on quiet water at race pace. the goes back and set up clibration that works. I am a little faster on speed stroke than boat mostly due to no balance issues.

Cheers Dan

First forum workout

Did 53:50 tonight, over an indicated 10k with 185mm wheelsize. I’m 6’3" and 245 lbs. With 185mm wheelsize, the erg is about 7-8% too fast compared to my Epic V10. This was after work, without any food for 8 hours, and was done at about 85%. It was about 135 hr average at a pretty steady pace.


this am

– Last Updated: Oct-30-07 9:23 AM EST –

6.2 miles, 48:41. 20 min with HR 80-84%, then 5 intervals of 2 min HR 94-99% on/ 2 min back to HR 80-84% off, then cool down 8 something minutes HR 85%. For now max HR on Speedstroke is right about 180, which is convenient since I'm 41 and the watch claims my max HR is about 180 (I know my max is 190 on the Concept 2 or elliptical). Saw one 101%, so hopefully as I get stronger I will be able to bring my max on the SS up to 190. Perceived efforts were about 75 % for the beginning and end pieces, pretty much all out for the 2 min sprints.

Soundtrack: Disc 2 of the Dylan Royal Albert Hall 1966 Concert. The best electric Dylan and the Band, ever. Fantastic stuff.


I added swivel seat
It was $5 for 6in diam lazy susan swivel for under the seat. A 12 diam fan behind the computer is great for coolness. Excellent machine. Wish I could buy some racing or rowing dvds to watch while working out.

10K, 47:29, HR above 155 for the entire piece, fartlek sprints of unknown duration into the high 160’s, 170’s on particularly great songs (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Live). “Papa Won’t Leave You Henry” is an especially fantastic motivational song, with long, long loud fast bits that are really tough to sprint all the way through. Highly recommended.

Anyone else work out?


latest 2 workouts
11/4/07 8k at 85% effort, after 40 minutes’ bike ride with the family (on an ice cream mission).

11/5/07 10 at 90% effort. Tough workout, mid afternoon, with no breakfast or lunch that day. Then did some lacrosse drills with the teenage Sasquatch.

I survived that with minor trauma and a pretty bruised ego.

sounds like good work
i did a fairly mellow 45 minutes this morning, keeping HR in the 130’s. 5 something miles.

(we should all declare a mutual moratorium on the “old guy exercise excuses after tough workouts”. you know, “well, i could only manage to cover 10K in 30 minutes, keeping my HR below 60bpm, but i am recovering from bypass surgery and a traumatic double amputation just yesterday and…”

be well,


Workouts …

This weekend, I should actually get on the water, so the Speedstroke should collect some dust.

As for this week, working on brisk workouts, and

using the weekends for longer workouts, preferably on the water. This week, I’ve gotten in 4 workouts on the Speedstroke by Wednesday.

11/7/07 6.2 53.1 Speedstroke 85% Fartlek intervals. Some rest for 1-2 minutes at slower pace, then pick it up for several minutes.

11/6/07 6.2 53.3 Speedstroke 80% Mostly worked on getting the leg drive and torso into it. Tried to get minimum stroke rate for the max cruising speed.

Sounds good -
Getting some good workouts there!

Some good tunes or the news helps the workout go a lot faster. Keep on crankin!


this am
did 30 mins on the speedstroke, 15 min warmup HR 150’s, 15 min of 3min 165-170 intervals, 2 min back to 150’s. then did 5K on the C2 (pretty slow, 21+ minutes, HR in the 160’s though).


Workouts … and on the water

Have gotten a few workouts in - 1 was actually on

the water. Mostly at about 130-140 hr, with intervals for 2-3 minutes at higher. Usually watch

the news or listen to tunes. Then some stretching and abs work.

Am getting the weights out of storage for some strength training. Got a couple days of bike rides for 1 hour or so. Nice to get outside in fresh air. The % numbers are a subjective estimate of effort level 85% is just shy of “conversational” to “breathing harder” threshold. Being inside, the workout gets surprisingly hot.

11/14/07 51.7 min Speedstroke 85%

11/13/07 41.5 min Speedstroke 80%

11/12/07 43.1 min Speedstroke 80%

11/11/07 7.5 70.0 V10 Saugatuck River 85% 15-25 NNW high tide

11/9/07 53.0 min Speedstroke 85%

speedstroke/paddleone vs rower
Hi Andrew -

What are your thoughts on the training you’ve been getting from the speedstroke vs your history with the rower? I’m considering getting a rower simply because they are cheaper - with the goal of increasing aerobic capacity and improving average speed on the ski (once the ice melts!). I’m already mixing up the workouts with xc skiing, racquetball, and weights, but want to really target paddling-specific muscles. Did you feel that your past training with the rower prepare you well for the racing season, or are you finding the speedstroke a MUCH better tool, and worth the extra money? thanks! -jeff