Spencer Lake to Moose River, Maine

Looking for any of you out there who may have local information. I’m looking to pole up Spencer and Little Spencecr Stream into Spencer Lake, which should be no problem; but then want to paddle/portage up towards Hall Pond, then to Whipple, and then portage down the road into the Moose River. Evidently this is not easy. Those that have gone before me have gotten off-track and befuddled by the various logging roads and trails on this stretch, and ended up either doing serious bushwacking or giving up and hitching a ride to Jackman.

Anyone have the key to this rhyme? Any info or advicece is appreciated.


That sounds like a lot of walking
Personally I would stop at the Spencer lake while the trip is still fun. North of there looks like a tremendous amount of canoe dragging.

The NFCT goes through them parts
Check the Northern Forest Canoe Trail maps. It is routed through there.

That’s the plan…
I have the NFTC maps, but there have been a couple paddlers going thru there that are using the maps and have still run into problems. The NFCT web site is now recommending that paddlers portage along Hardscrabble Road and then follow Spencer Rips Road to the Moose, with a possible paddle thru Whipple Bog. This is not necessarily an issue since I have a good portage cart…just a lot of dusty walking.


I paddled whipple bog last year

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while in that area paddling spencer lake. I think you will do a lot of portaging. As I recall from whipple bog to spencer lake is roughly 5 miles. I can actually check my gps map if youd like me to.

We paddled a few spots but we drove to each spot, we camped at a nice spot right on whipple bog, and had moose in the camp, really sweet!

have a great trip however you do it, its so beautiful there- thanks to ScottB for getting me intrigued with that area, now its like the back of my hand- going up again in a few weeks.

happy paddling,