spend my bonus - drysuit shopping

Got a bonus today - woohoo! I said the next one would go for a drysuit. I can either save it until I can afford one for hubby too, or I can shop now and hope to find something for him later.

Right now I’m looking at Palm Element for women on sale at Sierra Trading - for $350. Seems like a good deal. or…

Kokatat tropos swift entry (basically their low end drysuit). but with booties and relief zip added, it’s quite a bit more.

I’m interested in other brands as well, these two just caught my eye, the palm for price and the kokatat, because it has a drop seat zip and some folks seem to really like Kokatat drysuits. I’m just wondering if it’s worth the extra cost.

We are recreational kayakers at the moment -slow rivers, small lakes, but don’t want to quit kayaking next winter.


poor hubby …
get one now! :slight_smile:

Check this out
Kayak Academy has used suits that they sell off each year, and the best time to buy is the summer. I bought mine used here last Aug and I am very pleased. I could not tell the suit was not new and i saved hundreds and was able to get the Kokatat I wanted. Call Barb or George. You will love the personal service.


My $.02

Good Luck,


my take
Kokatat is more expensive but they really stand by their product. In the long run you may save money buying a Kokatat. Do an archive search if you want to know more, much has been said here already.

I agree that Kayak Academy is great to deal with. If you do buy from them order a copy of Sea Kayaker, Deep Trouble.


Thanks for the link!
I had been to their website but didn’t notice the used gear. They have a womens’ used kokatat that looks like it might work - if it’s not too big. I’ve emailed them to get a dialog going.

They had several others that my hubby might be interested in as well.