spendic lake put in canadian side

i want to put in wednesday morn and paddle to mccaddam for a friday rendezvous under the bridge where can I drive to and camp till then cheers

try one of the island campsites.
what bridge? vanceboro?


just 1/2 north of the bridge
on the tip of the land at that first inlet at armstrong cove on the canadian side is a campsite with table and fire ring. it is in canada. look at it with google maps. just across the inlet is a drive in site that usually rv campers. you will see it it is high up with good sun.

1/2 what?
1/2 hour north or km thanks

Spednic[k] L. to McAdam Lake/Town?
Looks like bridge at Vanceboro/St.Croix then east on #4 to the town…?


half mile
sorry dude