SPF 45 Burns My Eyes

This is really becoming a problem for me.

I burn easily, especially on the nose. I always wear a wide-brim hat, and use a high SPF sun block.

Often times, within an hour or so of application, my eyes start to burn. Sometimes this burning becomes so severe and the tears start running so much that I literally cannot keep my eyes open! I cannot overemphasize what a problem this is. My eyes become red and burn so much that the rest of my day is almost ruined (not completely, because I’m still paddling after all).

Being a cheapskate, I use the NO-AD sunblocks. I haven’t tried other brands yet.

Any observations or suggestions?

You better believe it will…
burn your eyes and so will the 30 and 15.

Just wear a baseball hat or other broad brimed hat (dare I say Tilly?) and don’t put the sunscreen on your forhead.

I learned that years ago.



BullFrog Sportspray
I use the 35 SPF, but I think it also comes in higher SPF. Dries immediately after spraying on. I’m out in the sun A LOT, and it’s the best stuff I’ve found, and it won’t drip into your eyes. WW

Seen it…
…happen to racers that come to Florida, load up on sunscreen then have to be rescued as they can’t see afer working up a sweat. You could wear a sweat band as your own salt will irritate your eyes.

There are some waterproof gels like “Bull Frog” the surfers use. I just don’t wear any above my eyes and depend on my Tilley…:wink:

My husband and I use to use 45spf No-Ad as well. And had the same problem, our eyes constantly burned. But the last bottle I bought was No-Ad 30spf Kids sunblock. There was no dripping and eye burning, Also, the lotion isn’t as thick, making it easier to apply. We will be buying the Kids sunblock from now on.

I don’t get it
NEVER PUT SUNSCREEN ABOVE YOUR EYES!.. You put sunscreen on your nose and below the cheek bones and use a hat to keep direct sun off the forehead. Sunscreen never goes above the eyes. Am I missing something here?

Waterproof, sweatproof sunscreen
You might give Coppertone Sport Ultra Sweatproof sunscreen a look. I’ve been using the stuff for years (spf 30, blue tube). Regardless of what some may post here, I for one use it above my eyes all the time. Sun DOES reflect off the H2o up under ANY brimmed hat. My eyes RARELY burn, and only once and a while after swimming and rubbing my eyes. I put the stuff on my eyelids and around the eye socket ALL THE TIME and burn rarely occurs! Once on the H20 I’ve borrowed other brands and they have burned bad, leading to a constsant stream of tears for a while. Try the Coppertone in the blue bottle, the 30 is great and the 45 offers very little extra protection most experts say. The sun IS brutal and there isn’t a spot anywhere on my face , or body that doesn’t get bathed in sunscreen before I hit the H2o. The stuff WORKS, try it. Just remember to apply it 1/2 hour BEFORE you start to paddle and sweat up a storm!

Same prob
I have the same problem with certain brands,while others don’t bother me at all. I learned not to put the stuff on my forehead and eyelids.

once burned, no longer willing
to be a guinea pig to find out what’s ok to drip into the eyeballs. I find a floppy hat and sunglasses is a reasonable compromise to be able to use any sun tan lotion on hand.

The expensive stuff burns, too
I use $10/tube sunblock (as well as cheaper kinds), and let me tell you, if it gets above the eyes and sweat runs it down, it still burns like h3ll just like the cheap stuff does.

Don’t apply it above the eyes. That’s all there is to it. You can get away with putting it on the nose and between the eyebrows, but DO NOT put it above the eyebrows!

Protect the area above the eyes from sunburn by wearing a visor or hat with big forward brim. Not only does it keep your eyes from getting nasty chemical doses, it blocks the sun from getting in the top or sides of your sunglasses–much less glare and eyestrain.

Baby sunblock
my son figured that one out-and the color helps him not miss spots. I think he uses the johnson brand.


If baby sunblock does not burn like “adult” sunblock does, then why aren’t ALL sunblocks made to that formula? It’s not like adults’ eyes don’t burn, too.

SPF 45 Burns my eyes
Use Zinc oxcide.Its worked wonders for me

I think you already know the answer, keep it out of your eyes.

I do this by wearing a hat low on my head of which I like anyway to keep the sun and glare out of my vision and keep the sun block, no matter brand or SPF below your eyes so that your sweat doesn’t drain it into your eyes.

If your against wearing hats, try a visor or head band to prevent the eye searing drippage.



I guess I should read the other post first before replying but as I said ditto.

Another key factor is put the sunscreen on while you are at home and dry of sweat and shower water.

It be absorbed by your skin better, not lost as easily in sweat and you can eliminate the greasy hands assciated with putting on sunscreen at the launch. Nothing worse than paddling with slippery hands.



Coppertone Sport
Can’t agree more. Coppertone Sport SPF 30 has never burned my eyes. Put it on 30 minutes before going out, it soaks in, is not greasy, and does work.

A few things

– Last Updated: Sep-08-05 10:19 AM EST –

Do wear a broad-brimmed hat and do not put sunscreen on your forehead or within an inch or so of your eyes, if you have determined the sunscreen is coming from sweat above the eyes.

Wash your hands after applying or make sure you do not rub your eyes afterwards. I did this, thank God after I got off a 14'er two weeks ago. I was miserable for the few minutes before I cleaned my eyes with a wet bandana. It would be dangerous for it to happen just before a rapid, etc.

Make sure you allow the sunscreen to dry 30 minutes before starting acitivity.

Thank you all for your suggestions…
By the way, if I don’t put sunblock on my forehead, I still get burned even wearing a hat. Like I said, sensitive skin.

quit rubbing it on your eyeballs

H2o Reflects Sunlight
Like I said… H2o reflects sunlight, don’t be fooled by your brimmed hat. What the heck are you all talking about… “Never, never put sunscreen above the eyes!” I have recieved a good sunburn under a brimmed hat due to reflected rays and no sunscreen on my brow.