spirit sail questions

i’m thinking of adding a spirit sail to my Rob Roy. can’t decide between the bolt-on base or the suction cups. seems like the bolt-on would be the most reliable set-up. but the cups are attractive because of the ability to remove the base and even move it to the rear of the boat for a night light.

also, thinking i’ll get the full-size version. winds here are usually light or raging. not a lot in between.

Sailing the Wildfire

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I don't know if I can help much (yet), but I am putting a (full size) Spirit Sail on my Wildfire. I have the sail and base in hand, but haven't installed it yet. My plan is to replace my front thwart with a broader one, and bolt my base onto that. I know this is not an option for the Rob Roy, however.

full size
i’m going full size too. if it’s raging winds and really choppy waters, don’t know that i’ll risk it too often. what type of paddle are you planning to stear with? i was thinking of getting a short beaver tail just for stearing and broad sweep strokes to help keep the boat on course while under sail. also been thinking a lot about jibing in certain situations. zig-zag pattern paddling one direction and sailing the other. pretty stoked.

Sailing and steering

I am considering the sail to be just a little help when conditions are right, so I’m trying not to make too many adjustments or outfitting for the sail.

I’ll have to see how it works, but I hope whichever straight shaft paddle I have with me on a given trip will suffice for a little steering.

One think I have thought of doing, though, is rigging the end of my clamp-on solo yoke (clamped behind my seat) to hold the pivoting paddle. With no added trip weight, I might be able to have a handy rudder that I can hold easily with one hand. Ooops, I just realized this idea won’t be much help in the Rob Roy either.

I hope to have my sail rigged to a new thwart in a week or two, and then the sailing trials may begin!