Spirit Sail?

I can’t seem to find anyone selling a mid-size Spirit Sail. Most of the dealer links are duds or they don’t have it listed. The guy who owns it out of Rutland, VT doesn’t answer his phone nor does he answer emails. Does anyone have one for sale or know where the hell I can order one?


Ask Mike McCrea
over on this forum, if you haven’t already:


If anyone would know, he likely would.

typo? can make a difference in searching
It is actually a spritsail, though often written as two words. It is often referred to as “spirit” and you will get some hits searching that way, but be sure you are searching with the right terms and the variants. Not trying to be a know it all; I don’t. Just trying to be helpful…

Went Directly
to the website. Something is wrong as his site doesn’t recognize the Capital City of New Hampshire as a valid zip code so I can’t make an order! How the heck can that be? Like I said he doesn’t respond to emails nor phone calls. I have someone else from another state trying an order to see if it works! Pretty sad to have such a good item unavailable even though it’s here on Pnet as an endorsed item!


Do your homework. There are other’s including a newer maker on the market Falcon Sails. Google and you’ll find stuff all over youtube and their website. V mast compared to mast and boom design. I have friends who have bought them and would swear by them.


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OptiMystic - he is looking for the company called Spirit Sails, not the type of sail called a spritsail. You're right, they're different - he wants the other one.

I agree with Emanoah, give Falcon Sails a look, they're a nicely engineered product and look more useful than a Spirit Sail.

Also, consider these


Falcon and Other Sails
So I did respond to Emanoh but it must of been on the repeat that was posted so my response got lost when that disappeared.

I use the Spirit Sail out of Rutland, VT for my canoes mostly and lately for my Pamlico. Most of my boats are already set up for this rig but I use a homemade rig and am looking to buy a real one. The Falcon looks nice and effective but I don’t want lines to deal with.

For the record I do have a complete different sail set up for my canoes which used a good size sail and leeboard. I just like the ease of using the SS. Keeping it simple!

Guess I’ll just stick to my homemade rig as it works but as I stated earlier it sure is sad to see such a dismal response (meaning none) from this company!

Just grumpy about this but I think most of us have had this experience before with one company or another!


other suggestion
since the original quest for Spirit Sails has expanded to other brands, may I suggest to look at the sail that is making waves in Australia and UK: http://youtu.be/P21uMgpWs3g

There is a USA distributor.

oops, sorry
Yes, didn’t realize my double post would eliminate your reply when I fixed. Sorry. Sailing is fun anyway you choose. Good luck in your search.

Spirit Sail sail search
My name is Patrick.

I am the maker of Falcon Sails.

Lines are a good thing.

When you are sailing they are a non issue.

When you want to take the sail down, you simply pull a line out of a cleat and it comes down.

They allow you to adjust the sails trim and orientation.

Its much better than a non line method.

I would be happy to chat with you about kayak sailing if you buy something or not.

My phone number and other contact info is here.


9 times out of 10 I will answer right away.

If not I will call you back in a few minutes.

Here is a video of a paddle sail some friends and I had over Labor Day week end.


A single masted sail with a boom would be a nice upgrade.

There are substantial differences. Some sails are always behind, down wind, and struggling in conditions compared to others.

Here is a write up I did that covers some of the differences between the sails.


Good luck. Have a great time paddle sailing.

Patrick, I will be in touch. Would be interesting to talk with you about a sail.