SpitFire Plug Stolen

The SpitFire plug was removed from Placid boatworks after hours 10 April.

A heavy woodstripper with grey tooling material on the outside, it will have non-standard seating and drilled holes for several thwarts along the inwale.

It can’t be reused for mold making, but we would enjoy chatting with the individual who took it.

Geez that sucks
Up in the Aderondacks people know canoes and should know it would be recoganized. I hope you get the bastards.

I really hope you get that mold back and the theives get punished. Sorry to hear about that happening to you.

Sorry To Hear That C.E.
Good luck getting it back in good shape and right away.

I’m not sure what a “plug” is, but for now I assume it’s not an actual canoe, but used for making them? If so, whoever took it was either too ignorant to know it wasn’t a boat, or smart enough to know what it was for. If the latter, that’s really disappointing. I’d like to think that there aren’t any “real” paddlers who do things like that. I hope you get this solved right away.

Yeah, this was a strange kind of theft.
The boat design is wonderful, but stealing a plug is a very strange way to try to get a piece of the phenomenon.

What else
What else was stolen? Did they not know what they were taking, or do you believe it was taken for design information?

We’ll keep our eyes open…
That one won’t be tough to spot.

Good Luck!

lack of flotation, skin condition.

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While it's tempting to believe the think was taken by Canadians trying to ferret out the secret of shouldered tumblehome, it's probably in the hands of some local kid who thinks he's acquired a fishing boat.

The downside is it has seven thwarts, no seat, the outer skin has split and it probably won't float if capsized. Pine strips with glass on both sides and three gallons of various tooling products is heavy.

Whoever took the thing has not acquired a safe paddlecraft.

A plug is the prototype for the mold
You can actually paddle a plug. As many of us did at Kinzua two years ago. that being said it is not an actual canoe. Sure looks like one though.

Pyker paddling a DY made plug http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b315/Indy425/Kinzua%20Spring/TestpaddleRandy.jpg

And Topher stacking the same plug…very strongly built by a master of such things. http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b315/Indy425/Kinzua%20Spring/_4300505.jpg

Good point. Back in the 80s, a friend
and I both had our lousy old Phoenix Seewun c-1s stolen by kids who had NO IDEA what they were stealing. I found mine hidden in the brush about a tenth of a mile from where I had left it while walking shuttle.

So, CE, maybe if you stenciled “Please steal this really crappy boat” on your other plugs, they would stay put.

Probably Industrial Espionage
I heard Coleman was going to bring a solo to market, but didn’t want to invest in R&D. Boy, are they going to be surprised when they discover that the hulls will not nest.

Seriously Charlie, sorry to hear about this. Makes you wonder what teh thief(s) were thinking.


Oh man,
That really sucks! Sorry to be reading this Charlie! I’m sure it will turn up.


Did you get my email regarding Walter of the Jersey Paddler?


Missing plug
Charlie and Joe,

Sorry to hear about the missing plug. I’d expect dumb theft like this happening around here but somehow can’t picture it in beautiful Lake Placid. I guess scum can be found on any pond, including in the Adirondacks.



that’s a total sham. i can’t believe someone would steal something related to paddling. it’s an offense that’s worse than steeling a car, etc. we’re talking canoes, here. sorry, charlie.

Coleman Spitfires?
Can’t help getting a chuckle out of Jsaults comment, but seriously hope you recover the plug. My wife loved the Spitfire she paddled a few years back and hope to buy one one of these days for her. WW

Walt D

Received the email and will send encouragement on.