I am looking for a used sot, a fellow just told me he has an emotion spitfire, 8 foot long for 135.00. I looked on line but did not find out much, can anyone offer any suggestions or knowledge about this yak.

For $135 you don’t have to much to lose even if you don’t like the boat.

spitfire stability
I was wondering of the stability of a spitfire, 8 footer?

I was fortunate to win the grand prize donation of Spitfire kayak at the American Cancer Society Hope Floats signature event in Port Charlotte, Florida. Being the owner of a 16’ Romany sit-in kayak I wasn’t sure how much I’d enjoy the small 8’ kayak. Rest assured, I am very pleased with the boat. It is very stable, will turn on its own axis yet paddle straight. It is very light and has neat features as a folding seat back with decent back support and has decent speed/glide. The only drawback is paddling long distances- then the boat’s shorter length comes into play and will provide a decent workout. All around fun boat that is often the go-to boat for quick short paddles or exploring mangroves. I’m 5’8" at 190 lbs. and find it comfortable and my better half, at a trim 5’3", enjoys the back support and ease of use. The stern has a storage area for a cooler and/or dry bag. The drainage holes work well. Great little boat, and a worthy cause.

Thank you
Thats what I needed to know, looks like I just bought it. Thank you so very much.