splash guard for canoe

I recently put a 2.3 outboard on my old towne camper 16’ canoe. A problem I am experiencing is that at 3/4 to full throttle the water hitting the motor shaft is coming up into the canoe - any ideas / suggestions on a splash guard/skirt to keep the water out?

Any piece of plastic that can be put on top of gunwale and extended outward to shield should suffice.

Maybe cut plastic piece of appropriate size out of Tupperware bin?

Similar idea

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I'd cut the material out of mud flaps for a big truck. Back in the 70s when back-trolling first became popular for walleye fishing but everyone was still fishing out of tiny boats (not huge boats like today), it was standard procedure to make rear splash guards out of truck mudflaps. Such splash guards need a framework to keep their shape, but you should leave part of the splash guard un-reinforced and that part will flex as needed to fit tightly against the motor while still allowing the motor to pivot from side to side for steering, and up and down. Attach a couple of C-clamps to that framing for attaching the whole assembly to the canoe (weld, or drill holes and use bolts to attach the C-clamps). You may need a pair of splash guards so they can surround the motor from each side, depending on the nature of the problem.

I just entered a few keywords in Google, and it's clear that making splash guards for the backs of motorboats is STILL a big thing with walleye fishermen. Do a little searching and you'll probably figure out a way to take what the fishermen are using and adapt it to your canoe.

Trim the boat better or go slower.

are you actually going faster
at full throttle? You could just enjoy 1/2 throttle and its efficiency? Not sure, but I had an 8’ outboard powered dinghy with a 6 horse outboard.If it wasn’t planing, it was no quicker than the same boat with a 3.5. My sailboats as well, under power WOT just buried the transom and made the boat squat. I wouldn’t want to be planing a canoe…unless I was very very drunk.

It’s probably a side-mount motor
Trim probably has nothing to do with it.

Same Issue…

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Same exact issue for me yesterday throttle more than 1/2-3/4 and water sprayed in my canoe like from a hose. I am running a 12' Old Town and the same exact 2.3 Honda outboard as yourself.
I tried everything possible to prevent water from splashing into my canoe. I even swapped ends and ran the motor from the bow seat. Trim motor up then back down... Motor height, motor placement close then farther from the gunnel.. NOTHING worked!

A trip to the hardware store is happening. A splash guard will be fabricated this morning. I was very pleased with my new small outboards performance on my Old Town. PLENTY of power. Not fast but if there is "water" I will be able to get anywhere on it. Dollars well spent for this outboard...!