Splash Jacket for over the PFD?

Not sure they really make a splash jacket that is supposed to go over the PFD. I have a stohlquist splash jacket in large size but it wont go over my PFD. Plus looking for somthing that has some kind of seals at the wrist not just velcro as water gets past that and migrates up my arm geting me all wet. Right now I roll the sleeves up to keep this from happening for now.

I guess I could just buy a XXL and see if it would fit over the PFD. This way I can take it off or put it on without removing my PFD. But thinking the sleeves would be really too long in that size?

Google "Storm Cag"
These are specifically designed to be worn over the PFD.


I’ve worn splash tops over life jackets.
It can be a little hard getting the splash top on and off, but hasn’t ever been a problem.

You will have to see that you’re working with a life jacket that is reasonably compact and close fitting.

There was one, once

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Funny, I just mentioned this in another thread - the Lotus Skanorak was a paddling jacket designed to go on over a pfd. It's a long discontinued, very nicely made item (Lotus was owned by Patagonia).

I have a barely used one I should let go - I just don't do any cold-weather paddling. It was very useful for one week in coastal Maine in June (you know, 78 degrees at lunchtime, then the clouds roll in and it's 55 and raining two hours later). I wear XL in Kokatat paddling top, and the Skanorak in L fits over my pfd and a base layer with no problem.

You can check out some reviews of it here, has some decent pics, too:

I was planning to put an ad on p-net soon, let me know if you're interested...

Two options
One is the storm cag as mentioned above. Last I looked you will run into everything from regular looking jackets that are cut large to the ones like the Kokatat’s that have a bungie cord rim that will go around the coaming.

The other is to just get a quite large jacket size, in a zip up type. At times that can be easier to heft over the PFD than a pullover type. I was known to borrow my husband’s jacket in earlier years.

Both of the above have wrist closures, albeit the hook and loop type velcro thing rather than latex.

I used an extra large pullover Tropos jacket as my cold weather and chilly stop cover for years until I got the fancier Kokatat cag that goes around the coaming. Yeah it is on the looser side. But the only effect that has is to make my paddling a bit noisier. It is a great feature for staying warm, especially at lunch breaks when I can almost sit down inside it.

I can see wanting
to quickly grab a splash jacket and put it on over a PFD in a sudden downpour. I would rather watch the weather and put it on under the PFD before it rains. It is warmer having fewer air gaps close to the body and doesn’t obstruct the things on the PFD such as whistle, beacon, or knife. As additional logic, I paddle high altitude lakes for fishing and storms up there get quite windy and cold.

kokatat storm cag
Everyone I paddle with has one of these. Not only are they good for on water they make a great ‘1-man shelter’ on shore during a lunch stop. They are long enough to pull your legs under and sit fully covered on cold wet windy days.

NRS Sea Tour Jacket

Get the full zip if you can find it, the new style is a pull-over.


adjustable neoprene wrists