Splash/paddling jacket recommendations

My Patagonia paddling jacket is dying (delamination of the lining). I have been searching the web for a replacement and have not found anything that matches what I have. Requirements: waterproof, breathable, adjustable neoprene at wrists and neck, and double tunnel at waist, no hood. I would prefer not to have to pay $200 or more. Any suggestions.

Tropos Light Full Blast


I have an Extrasport splash jacket &
it works for me.

Mine is a redish orange.

Sierra Trading Post has/had

… a pretty good selection

What is it made of?
If it’s Gore-Tex, delamination is covered under warranty and the jacket will be replaced at no charge. If it’s some other fabric, you’re probably hosed. I realize that you don’t want to spend a lot, but buying Gore-Tex is cheaper in the long run, as it’s more durable than competitive fabrics and you get a lifetime warranty. I had a dry suit that started delaminating and Gore replaced even with another brand (Kokatat), since the original manufacturer no longer made Gore-Tex suits.

Check Sierra Trading Post’s site for killer deals on jackets and other paddling garments.