Splash pants

I am currently in the market for a pair of splash pants, just curious what brands everybody likes or dislikes. any advise would be great. Thanks

not big on the Stohlquist Neptune
After not many uses, I noticed the neoprene band at the top had come loose. I contacted Stohlquist, mailed them in, and they fixed them under warranty. This time, I was very careful to be gentle with the neoprene band putting them on and taking them off. A couple uses and I realized what the problem is. The band had worn through, and then continued to tear apart, simply due to rotation in the cockpit.

My last pair, ExtraSport, I didn’t have this issue with the neoprene waist band. But those aren’t made anymore I don’t think.

So I guess the neoprene material for the waist band lacks durability on the Stohlquist Neptune pants.

If you don’t actually rotate your hips in the cockpit, you may not have this issue. But it’s a lot of coin for something that might not hold up through a couple of paddles.

I have a pair of NRS Splash pants, don’t remember which pair but they have a neoprene wait band and Velcro closures on the ankles. One of the best items I have purchased.

Take a look at Marmot

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We have been using them for years.
I like the fact that they not only have a zipper at each leg, but a double snap so they can be put on and taken off over paddling shoes

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I've had a pair of Kokatat pants for years and years. Durable and effective; comfortable; keep me warm and dry over long underwear bottoms. Highly recommended. Mine have drawstring waist and neoprene cuffs adjusted with velcro. The name for these pants on Kokatat website is boater pants.
G in NC

second the NRS Endurance
I’ve had a pair of the NRS Endurance splash pants too, for several years and love them. Breathable enough for warm days and waterproof enough that I stay dry and comfortable, especially with them tucked into knee high neoprene and Goretex mukluks. The high and wide neoprene waist band adds warmth and cushions against my backbands in the kayaks. If I am not wearing a dry suit I’m wearing these pants. If you’re an REI member, use the regular 20% off coupons they issue to get a pair for $79.