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We have 2 future beach fusion 124, our first kayaks. Dicks must sell hundreds if not thousands of this model yet I cannot find a splash skirt to fit. Cockpit measures 22.5x41", circumference 113" typical shape. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

41" is a looong sprayskirt
Many rec kayaks are made with coamings that are never really intended to take a spray skirt.

Do you need one?
These boats are not supposed to be anywhere that has large waves, they are rec boats.

If you want to keep sun off your legs or limit splash from the paddle, you may want to look for a half skirt.

I have had one of these boats for years as my rec boat. Only reason to have a skirt is paddling in cold water, or not to get sunburned on my legs. I just made a deck cover from closed cell foam, & velcro on. Got the foam here. http://www.rochfordsupply.com/shop/Foam/Closed_Cell/index.html

Cheap & effective.

not made for a skirt
Even if you could get one large enough for their oversized cockpits (which are about a foot longer than a standard keyhole kayak coaming) the problem with such large area is that water will collect and pool on it and the skirt deck will eventually collapse onto your lap (called “imploding”)

I suggest getting a half skirt, which is like the front half of a sprayskirt with a bungee that goes around the back of the coaming lip. It keeps sun off your legs and gives you a pocket to stash stuff. Due to the stretch bungee, it will adjust to a range of cockpit sizes. Walmart sells cheapies:


And paddle shops sell the nicer ones by Seals and Harmony:


Harmony Spray Skirts
Check this out. They have the size you need. Make sure you have a lip around your cockpit to hold the spray skirt in place.


Future Beach is not listed
in the Harmony Fit Guide.


Rookie is right
Just because a boat has the dimensions that seem to match a skirt does NOT mean the skirt will stay on the coaming. This is why you should check the skirt manufacturer’s web site to see if they list the model of boat that you have.

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