Split Float bags

Where can I find split float bags for my Blackwater 12.5?

try right here
if not try these nrs,sierreatradeingpost, rutabaga.com

Split bags
They are used in racing kayaks w/foam walls

and can be made light or durable.

Try westsideboatshop.com

Thank you
I’m all set now.

Voyageur makes a variety of light split
bags, including inflating storage bags. They don’t sell direct, but NOC and many other dealers sell them.

I bid on a $39.99 list price set of Harmony split stern bags yesterday on E-Bay and got them for $5.50 + $9.95 shipping. I wanted them for the rear of the Dimension R-5 that I am re-outfitting. One on each side of the new 2" thick eathafoam center support should provide nice solid support with adequate impact absorption and a whole lot of flotation. Bob