Split in ash inwale

I have a split in an ash inwale between two screws spaced about 3" apart.

My repair options are:

  1. Gorilla glue
  2. traditional wood glue
  3. unthickened epoxy resin (West)
  4. thickened epoxy resin (Devcon)

    Obviously I will be clamping the inwale to squeeze the split together. I am leaning toward Gorilla glue.

    Any strong opinions from the seasoned (pun intended) woodworkers on this board?



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Me'opinion is ta use unthickened epoxy. Gorilla Glue - contrary ta all de hype - is not that strong (see last issue of Fine Woodworking Magazine's tests on glues). Ah' never had too much luck wit the stuff over the years, either. Choice # 2 is TiteBond III (not the II). Good stuff, a little hard ta find - but dats mostly wat ah' use nowdays. Watever ya use don't squeeze it too tight, ya don't want ta starve the joint either.


At least I know that I am not crazy
Well, in that way at least. I have had poor results with Gorilla myself - I glued up a blank for a GP and had it start to delam as I sawed the rough pattern.

I think what I have is Titebond III, but I will give the West resin a shot.



I would use West epoxy and a syringe
but if you’re not into shooting up, maybe you don’t have syringes. Is the split open enough for you to use one of those dentist syringes with the curved plastic needle?

If the split isn’t fouled by dirt and water, I think West epoxy will outperform the alternatives, especially if some gap filling is necessary.

Not a wide split,
maybe a bit more than 1/32".

I have some of the plastic syringes, so I may go that route.



Gorilla Glue has it’s places, this not
one of them. Used it a bit. Had a neighbor furniture maker who used it a LOT. I saw more problems with it than I liked. Not sure the best one to use, but leave the Gorilla in the cage ;^)