Sport 14 - One more question...

First of all, to the person who wondered about our usage, we will be on slow rivers and inland ponds and lakes. Occasionally Lake Michigan has a calm day, so we mght hug the shore, but mostly smaller bodies of water. I will probably also use the boat for fishing with a friend from time to time. MY NEW QUESTION: I think sometimes I will be going down the river by myself. I already know that in a tandom boat I should sit backwards in the front seat, but I’m wondering if the 14 would be easier for one person to handle than the 16?

As a solo
the sport 14 would be ok on a pond fishing, but it would not be very fun to paddle for any long distance due to the short legnth and wide center width.

If you get the longer canoe, you
can place one or more of the cheap plastic water bags in the front of the canoe to balance it out. With that wide beam, you probably would find the 14 does not paddle as well solo as the 16. Get the 16. At a later date, you may then want to get a solo canoe that’s great for solo paddling, but the 14 Sport, I fear, will be frustrating to paddle.