sportBELT for lower back pain???

Anyone try this product for lower back pain? I’m ready to try anything :frowning:


Not SportBelt
but I have used a garden-variety belt to relieve pain from an out-of-alignment vertebrea. If it is flexible, it might work for boating. My own experience is that with a good, supportive backband (I have a NSI) once I am in my boat, the torso ratation loostens me up, and I do not need additional support. But every situation differs.

Good luck!


Go see an Orthopedic Specialist
that specializes in Sports Medicine and treating atheletes. If you are having trouble with back pain they can recommend back bands, exercises, physical thereapy, that will work instead of putzing around. Your HMO primary care physicians can be fairly useless, since their main concern is getting you through their office in your alloted 3 minutes with the doc.

Trust me, it can ease a lot of pain. If you happen to be in Ohio, I know a good Massage Therapist named KayakDawg. :wink:

I use a neoprene/velcro lifting belt
It works great for cooler days but is too hot for the summer.

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I do not think one should expect such a
striking superiority from sports medicine docs. I went to the Emory sports medicine people because of an obvious, open-and-shut, auricular nerve problem in my neck, and they really didn’t listen too closely. They did not find anything which could be impinging on my auricular nerve, but they seemed to take that as proof that my auricular nerve was not involved at all. This is about as stupid as dismissing the optic nerve as a cause of blindness. At least I got a good x-ray.

I worked for over a dozen years in rehab medicine, with both orthopods and physiatrists, and while both have useful knowledge, whether they work for YOU depends on their use of LOGIC. That, unfortunately, depends on their personalities.

Speaking From Experience
While I have never used this particular brand of back support I have used others but would like to add a word of caution. If you use them to much they will tend to weaken the back muscles over time so you could end up worse off in the long run.

Having had two back surgeries, with another in my future, and spending over a year of my life in Physical Therapy for back problems my advice to you would be to first find out, if possible, exactly what is causing the pain. Not the activities that aggravate your condition, but the root cause.

After you know this you may be able to take effective steps to remedy the situation, or, at the very least, prevent further damage.

If you do have something going on down there, you can find specific excercises thru “trial & error” that you can do at home in your spare time that can help your back help itself by strengthening certain muscles to hold “things” in the right places. When I say trial & error I mean you just never know which excercises will work or will end up aggravateing your condition at any given time. This go around I found only one that helped and it was only propping myself up on my elbows while laying on my stomach.

Just doing this simple excercise has bought me quite a bit of time, 1 year so far, before my next “whacking.”

Good Luck!