Sports Authority Calypso 8.0 Cheap Kayak

Hey everyone,

I just signed up to ask about the Calypso 8.0 Kayak that I saw at sports authority. It was made by ‘Dragonfly Innovations,’ and was only $180.

8 foot long sit-on-top, with a flat stern. Has anyone seen these? I have no illusions of this being a remotely good kayak, but I thought it might be something fun to drift down a flat river in.

Has anyone seen these? Are they at all usable? It seemed like reasonably sturdy construction with a 250 lb. weight limit. I weigh 230. The flat bottom of it makes me think that it wouldn’t be too tippy, even loaded up to capacity.

With an additional $25 coupon that I found, the thing might be a fun little cheap alternative to a real kayak.

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Any kayak or canoe that opens up
the wonderful world of paddling is a good deal.

Just make sure there is some kind of floatation it, or you can put some in it.

Jack L

Price ranges
Kayaks can be bought from around $180 to upwards of $4000.00 new. Like Jack said. Unlike Jack, wear you PFD.

2nd the PFD(life jacket)

weight limits
Manufacturers are sometimes overly optimistic with their weight capacities. So I’d be a little suspect of trying to float 230 pounds in an 8’ boat with a listed capacity of 250 pounds. It’s not going to sink, but it may not paddle worth a damn. You might do better buying a used boat of craigslist. You’ll likely get a better, more appropriate boat, and you can probably keep it around $200-300, maybe even less.

$150 is cheap, except if it’s wasted. Then it suddenly seems very expensive.

Look on craigslist …
You can usually find used SOTs cheap from people that tried it and did not like it, they usually sell PFD, Seat, paddle all at once. Much better deal that Sports Authority junk.

Nothing good from Clearfield UT

They specialize in junk they sell to big box stores. Trust me, nothing good in kayak design is coming out of Clearfield Utah.

Not that bad
I ended up buying it. I have been out 4 times with it fishing. It is very stable. I have read complaints about the Moorea from Dragonfly innovations for being slow. This paddled great for me. I so far boated over 15 fish with the trips that I had taken. I would advise getting the scupper plugs for it. I found that you can buy Nerf blaster balls 5 pack for $2.50 at walmart and shave them down for plugs. If not your but will get wet as you paddle. I am 225 also carried two Plano cases and 4 poles with me with no problems. For the money I can not complain.

Avoid box store junk.
Friend of mine got a “great deal” on a sink with two bulkheads from Dick’s for less than 250. Looked great until the middle of his last fishing trip when water started leaking in from the mold. Buy cheap, buy twice.

Awww Man…
I ahem admit to working in a big box store. We did at one point carry the Dragonfly Innovations Moorea. Call me a gear snob, but it was just shy of a POS. Thankfully I don’t have to buy what we sell. I’m able to get other products through our vendors that the store doesn’t stock. But I digress. Near as I can tell the Moorea is somewhat like the Calypso. I’ll tell you right now that we did get some back because they leaked and took on water. There should be what looks like a screw in plug on the back of the boat if it’s like the Moorea. Make sure it’s in tight. If it is then goober it up some lexel or other type sealant. With a weight limit of 250lbs and your stated weight of 230lbs that plug will probably be below the water. Aside from that, have fun. You’ll buy a better boat somewhere down the line, after you out perform the Calypso (which probably won’t take long).

My daughter just purchased a Dragonfly Wave kayak for my granddaughters 5th birthday. We took it out last Sunday and she had a ball. For her first try, she and the yak both performed great.

Dragonfly was started and designed by Tim Niemier… if his name sounds familiar, it’s because he started Ocean Kayaks. It’s a shame that they had some leak, but if it’s at the plug that can be resolved.

Check your dollar type stores for cheap scupper plugs. I got a 4 pack of small soft foam balls that fit in my RTM and my granddaughters Wave scupper holes perfectly. Her wave sits high enough off the surface that the water drains right out the holes. Mine with my weight doesn’t :frowning: more comes in then goes out.

Have fun enjoy your “cheapie” purchase. At least you’re able to get out and have fun. When you tire of it and move up to something better you can always re-sell it, or keep it as a back up. Shorties are great for impromptu, last minute trips. My Swifty 9.6 gets tossed in the back of the pickup with one bungee and away I go instead of getting out the bed extender, and numerous bungees and straps for my 14 footer…

Calypso …bought 2
Hi. We bought the Calypso for my 10 1/2 yr old son. After seeing how great it handled …bought one more for mom or dad. We’ve only used it in a Lake a few times. But I’d think it would do quite well in a calm river (not rapids!) Great for getting around. Very stable. I weigh closer to the maximum weight range and did not feel any disadvantages.

Kayaks can be really expensive. I think this sit-on-top is a nice start. My husband hopes to use it for fishing, so I was glad to read the post below that had luck with that.

Happy paddling!

some blogger told me it’s crap
And it cost me a penny.

Cheap can be done with used boat…
and it’s better for the planet to recycle somebody else’s boat than encourage more crappy plastic kayaks to be foisted upon the landscape.

Dragonfly Innovations Calypso Leak
I purchased one of these Calypso Kayaks from Sports Authority for $179+Tax, for light surf and calm river rafting. I brought it home and put it our pool. It seemed to be very sturdy and difficult to flip. My kids were able to flip it and floated on the upside kayak for a little while. When I took the Kayak out, it had quite a bit of water in it. I drained it out using the plug, and put it back in the water. Sitting upright it did not take in water, only when I flipped it upside down, did it start sucking in water from the eyelets screwed on to the kayak which hold the backrest and nylon cording in the stowage area. I did the air pressure test and soapy bubbles were coming out of all the eyelets. I am new to Kayaking, however is this supposed to happen? Granted, I will not be sitting on an overturned kayak in the water, however I am concerned that splashing of waves coming over the top of the boat will penetrate the eyelet screw holes putting 1/2 gallon or more of water in the hull. I appreciate any insite as to whether this is normal kayaking issues, or if I should take the boat back to SA.

RE Dragonfly Innovations Calypso Leak
For your water leak issue I would suggest that you remove the screws and put a dab of silicone in there and screw them in. That should be enough to take care of the leaks. I have had mine for a while now. I use it at least once a week to get out fishing on the small ponds. I have had some winds pick up and blow water over the edges. I have yet to open the plug due to water inside of it. I have to say with all the negative comments on this Kayak. I am extremely happy with mine.

calypso kayak
Yes I have seen the calypso a very nice kayak is hard to flip and will not sink. I am 220 lbs and this thing cuts through the water very well.