sportspal canoe or tandem yak ?

For shotgun fishing/guiding with two, (one on the paddle one on the bow casting to the bank) in large slow rivers, which do you feel would work best. Flycasting large streamers for big Browns, Smaalmouth,Pike.

I have a 16’ x 30" tandem yak rigged that is not as stable as I thought it would be. Its fine with two who have paddled, but put a fisherman in the bow who has not fished from yaks or canoes and they get nervous…and they make me nervous(grin). Never tried a Sportspal, tandem recomendations ? Always 2 , always flyfishing, mostly rivers…thanks

You could go with a wider canoes or a yak with the “Step-Chine” like Cobra or Ocean Kayak. The added wetted surface area provide a lot of stability. Slightly less paddling efficiency though.

Depending on how wide you’re willing to go, the Gneenoe brand canoe is an ultra stable hunting/fishing platform and has the step-chine like the Cobra or Ocean Kayak.

Thanks…the tandem I have now is a Ocean Kayak Cabo. Again for someone who has fished from paddle boats its o.k. (not great but o.k.) for stability.

I may be missing the “boat” with canoes as far as stability with two. I would not switch my sot solo yaks for personal fishing craft. Tandems/guiding flyfisherman…maybe a canoe wotld have been the way to go ?. I don’t really see a tandem yak set up for guiding a flyfisherman on the bow casting while the guide holds position. About the closest specs. I see that may work our on the Necky Cruiser 2. Unfortunately I have not fished from many canoes in this fashion. My buddy has a Hyde drift boat which is ideal for larger rivers.

If I was guiding folks on fly fishing trips I’d probably want to provide them with a platform to stand on so I’d lean toward a canoe. Maybe even a canoe with sponsoons.

Then again… if I was guiding folks on flyfishing trips it would be likely that all they’d catch is a good tan.

I guess if you had the below combos you’d have all bases covered.

Canoe with ready-to-deploy sponsoons


Kayak with ready-to-deploy sponsoons.

An Ocean Kayak Ambush is another thought that comes to mind. It’s a barge but it might be a viable solution.