Sportspal Canoe

I have an old 17 foot fibre glass canoe… to move this thing around you need a team of horses.

I was at my local shop the other day and saw the sportspal canoes… they are light and would be perfect (easy to lug around).

My only concern is that the material it is made out of is not very strong. My favorite fishing spot, requires me to maneuver down a very shallow stream - before reaching the lake. Many times the canoe would be hit bottem… would this be hard on the sportspal canoe… if so I could just purchase 12 foot Scotts fibreglass canoe… they’re about 10-15 lbs heavier compared to the 34 lbs sportspal.



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On another recent discussion, I put more effort than it was worth in stating that "aluminum canoes" are okay for general use and are really quite durable. However, I do not consider the Sportspal to be in the same league as "aluminum canoes". Yes, they are made of aluminum, but the metal is extremely thin and light, so every one of them that I've seen has been severely dented, and the development of leaks is common. That doesn't seem to keep the owners of those boats from using them, but be forewarned that they are not very durable.

I can't speak for the other brand of canoe you are considering, but if it's cheap and fiberglass, it's probably a chopper-gun layup, which is "somewhat tough" or even "pretty tough", but a lot heavier than it needs to be relative to the strength that it has. It's easier to get experience-based advice here about boats that you won't find in the big-box stores and general outdoors shops, but maybe someone knows something about that other model.

Sportspal Canoes
There are two variations of the Sportspal. The Canadian Raddison and the American Meyers. Their construction differs. The Raddison is a very lightweight single sheet design that is cut, folded and screwed together at the seams. The Meyers is made in the conventional aluminum manner of two halves joined along the keel. The Raddison is ligher, but has seams that are sealed with a permatex light substance and have many short screws thru the hull.

Both have a foam layer in the inside of the hull to dampen noise and add floatation.

The Raddison is more susecptible to damage from dragging over shallow rocky bottomed streams. The Meyers variation has a keel which will drag first, keepihg the skin of the hull off the stream bottom.

If you stream has mud,sand, or river gravel as the bottom of the shallows, you will be fine with a Sportspal. If it is bedrock or sharp stone, there will be wear on the hull.

Since you mention a heavy 17’ glass canoe and the availability of a Scott brand canoe, i will assume you are in Canada, even though your profile lists no location. Check with your dealer to see which Sportspal he is selling, Raddison or Meyers, and what warranty there is on the hull wearing out. Both are very stable canoes and comfortable for fishing. The bench seats in the Meyers are more comfortable than the floor located loose foam seats in the Raddison. Too low a seating position. But they are moveable to any location and can be positioned for good fishing access.


Thank you for the fast replies.

Yes I’m Canadian :slight_smile: Here at the local shop the sportspal and Scott canoes run for the same price… about just under 1000$ for a 12 foot.

Just to play it safe, I tend to be rough on my gear, fiberglass might would probably be better for me.

My old 17 foot canoe, sits perfectly in the water. If I had my way I’d stick to it. I just have a small truck, and it’s difficult for me to load myself.