Sportspal carrying yoke

Greetings: Returning member here, been gone for several years. Just bought a Sportspal S-14 and so far it fits my needs perfectly, with one exception. The two thwarts are situated too far forward/aft in order to use them as good balancing points for portaging. While the canoe is light, it’s wide (38") and not easy to reach across to lift it on to my shoulders. It’s also a bit unwieldy due to its width when trying to (solo) lift it onto my loader to get it on to the roof of my Jeep. I’m in dire need of some sort of yoke device to attach mid-ship to make the job easier. I’m looking for advice or direction to such a removable yoke to fit such a wide beam. Or perhaps any other suggestions one may offer in regards to overcoming the problem of lifting this wide boat?



I have made several carrying yokes
If the gunnels are wide enough to put a bolt through, just bolt a piece of 1" x 2-1/2"or 3"(or buy a yoke) and length to suit to them using bolts with large plastic wing nuts like Yakima uses. You can get them in most good hardware stores.

Make the holes a tad larger in diameter than the bolt so they can be removed easily.

If the gunnels are not wide enough then use aluminum angle clips riveted to the sides, (two rivets per clip) and bolt your yoke to that.

Then make up a couple of cushy blocks for your shoulders. I use a 3/4 " plywood base with a bolt through it and after the bolt is placed I glue a junk of gray foam a few inches thick to that. My wife makes up a nice fabric covering for the whole block.

Space them to fit your shoulders and you are good to go.

On getting the canoe on your shoulders; the way I do it is to have it upside down with the bow against an immovable object such as a tree, boulder or in my case, between my wifes ankles. I go to the stern end and pick it up and press it over my head, keeping the bow firmly on the ground. Then I walk forward and as I am doing it I keep sliding my hands forward until I have My whole end at a high enough angle that I am now under the yoke. I let the yoke down on my shoulders and then let the bow come up and once again you are good to go.

On getting it down, I just do the reverse

Portage yokes…
A good selection of portage yokes are available at

Google it!