sportspal for fishing

-- Last Updated: Apr-17-12 10:30 PM EST --

see a lot of posts regarding fishing canoes, giving my 2 cents, just bought a 14 foot stern back Canadian made Sportspal, nothing but super fantastic things to say aboot it. stable, spacious, light as a supermodel and easy to buy replacement parts. any one out there looking to get into fishing without buying a trailer etc should seriously look into getting one, may not be the Ferarri of canoes but great way to get on the water and enjoy some quality, safe fishing.

plus i caught a couple "snot rockets" ( chain pickeral) from it, very easy to deal with, no "tippy" feeling.

I’ve always liked their design, but their materials seem a bit thin for my rocky rivers. I’m glad you got something you like. Stay safe and tight lines.

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