Sportsrig Trailer Makers

I have been trying to contact Sportsrig for a couple of weeks and have been unable to do so. Their voicemail boxes are full, their website is ‘down for maintenance/inventory’ and I get no response from my emails.

Does anyone know if they have gone out of business?

From their web site…
“Our Online Store is Temporarily Closed for Annual Inventory

We are currently performing annual inventory and system maintenance, but don’t despair, we are always available to help! Please Click Here to Email us”

I think that’s code for…
…“We made a great product that was too expensive and didn’t sell, so we’ve gone belly-up.”

Your profile says you’re in FL. I’ve talked to a couple of people who said their Sports Rig trailers rusted very soon after buying them new. Something to consider since you’re near salt water.

It’s true, I’ve had some major welding done on my rig, some of it due to rust.

My problem is actually rust-related, but it’s the wheels, not the trailer. My rig has the older spoked wheels and both have failed from seeing salt water over the years.

I did finally hear from Sportsrig in an email reply this week. They said their replacement wheels would not be available again until February or March.

February or March.

Anyone know where else I might be able to replace those wheels?

Pull one of your wheels off…
and go visit some motorcycle supply houses. You might also look into the on-line supply houses. The aftermarket M/C industry is alive and well and I’ll bet you can find a better wheel in a much shorter time frame.

Sad to hear of SportsRig’s current lack of service. I, too, own an older 8 year old model. Its been a workhorse but no saltwater use. Their current pricing for a comparable model is just ridiculous.

Great idea
I had been thinking of an even cheaper route - motorcycle salvage yards, but that throws in the possible complication of finding two wheels (or three if you want to upgrade your spare) that are the same. Also, I suspect motorcycle salvage yards are a little harder to find, since I’ve never seen one.