Sportsrig trailer?

I actually owned one of the original Sportsrigs. It was great for bikes but too short for canoes. Has anyone tried one of the newer models, or one of the clones, with the longish tongue and longish (16 - 18’) canoes?



Works Well
I bought a Sportsrig last spring with the extension for longer boats. I have used it with sea kayaks as long as 17’ and a canoe that is 16’6". I have had no problems with boats this length, and I sure don’t miss the struggle of cartopping when I am alone.

That’s exactly what I hoped. That extended tougue is one very long lever and I was concerned about excessive flex. Much obliged.


SportsRig trailer
I ordered a SportsRig Classic on Feb 8th. Notified of a lead time of about 4 weeks so I should be getting it in the next couple of weeks and will post further about experience. I too got tired of killing myself lifting my Single and/or my Tandum up on roof of Jeep, especially when alone. I have Hully Rollers and saddle but honestly, Hully Rollers suck. Since the brackets are plastic, one cannot tighten them enough to the rails to keep them from swiveling over once weight of boat is on them (redesign needed). I know the SportsRig is a little pricey, but I finally bit the bullet and ordered. FYI:

SportsRig Classic - $1,599.00

Color – Yellow Fenders and Cargo Platforms

Tongue Ext. A - $113.00

Load Bar Ext. - $95.00

Extension Light - $25.00

Upgrade to 66” Load Bars - $25.00

Upgrade to Heavy Duty Shocks - $149.00

Subtotal - $2,006.00

Shipping - $151.08

TOTAL - $2,157.08



if you want corrosion free trailer. it’s anodized aluminium NOT steel like the sportrig. I live at the coast so it matters.


Rack and Roll x2
Rack and Rolls are the better trailer. They fold flat for storage which definitely helps and they are light, about a 120 lbs. I just loaded a truck full of them to take over for display at Canoecopia. Their price begins a little higher at about $2000, but having built over 20 of these, they are well designed and will last forever. The Rack and Roll’s basic tongue fits 16’ boats but I’ve carried 18’ without problems. They do offer a longer tongue which if I were to carry canoes longer than 17’ or kayaks longer than 18’ I would definitely recommend.

Rack and Roll displayed a new trailer at last summer’s industry show that should make it to market this summer. It looks really sweet.

Rack and Roll
Great trailer! Definitely a do. The extension I have flexes like a noodle. Patrice said they are about ready to start selling a better one. With two boats the flex is non existent. With four eighteen foot boats or with my twenty two foot boat there is a lot of flex. I tie the nose to the extension for my own peace of mind. That really slows the bouncing bow up, bow down.

I paid $2400 for the trailer, all the goodies and tax. I found a web site that sells the trailer for $1600 plus. I took a beating but still love the trailer. No rust. It will last and look good for a very long time.

Good luck with the trailer!


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