-- Last Updated: Apr-12-10 5:54 PM EST --

Does anyone have any updates or experiences with the post-recall Spot 2 unit??

I've been holding off on purchasing a unit pending whether or not they get their issues worked out. There were plenty of mixed reviews before the recall and virtually no news or reviews after they started shipping again.

no problems here with mine

Got mine a few weeks ago
I’ve been testing it out and it seems fine. Still on the batteries that came with it. Seems to work OK although one time it reported “message sent” but I got no email. My understanding is that the message transmit is “one way” and there is no way for it to actually tell if the message was sent.

Nice little piece of gear and I especially like the SAR insurance option for $12.50/year. Didn’t spring for tracking - I have a feeling that it would eat up the batteries doing that.

I think the tracking
mode is very coarse. Maybe one transmission every 10 minutes. That shouldn’t eat up a battery too much.