SPOT activation web site working for anyone?

On the recommendation of friends, and a promotion from the company, I got a SPOT device from REI.

But trying to activate it on their web site had proven to be problematic. After typing in all the relevant information, came to the payment page. Got the dreaded “Server had encounter an internal error” multiple times!

Tried a different credit card just in case. No deal.

The girl on the phone offered to do the activation over the phone. But I’m getting an iffy feeling about them. If they can’t even get an activation page right, how am I suppose to believe they’ll get the signal out to save my butt when I’m truly in deep trouble and can’t help myself??? Or should I return the device to REI and look elsewhere?

Clearly, this outfit had been around for a few years. At least 1 of my friend had been positive enough to recommend it. But I just wonder if they’ve just got too big? Too sloppy?

Any recent success story? Or recent issues I should know of?

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Don’t know about activation but I do see that they have changed their user side of the website since last year. I have had a Gen-3 Spot for about 6 years and have not needed to use the SOS or ‘Pan-Pan’ buttons. I do use the ‘Check-in’ and ‘Custom’ buttons when I’m in the way-back. Last was last year from the NCT in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

It’s not uncommon for a website to experience problems now and again. I would try again in a day or two. You might try a different browser as well.

The signup website server probably has nothing to do with how the device works.

I would hope not :scream::flushed: