SPOT Satellite Messenger and Tracker

-- Last Updated: Oct-22-07 4:12 AM EST --

I'm looking at purchasing a Personal Location Beacon. While shopping around I found this. Does anyone have an experience with this product? I really like the “Track Progress” function, it would make my family feel better about the longer trips I take if they could see my location on Google maps.


Not available
until Nov. 1.

I saw this and sent the link to by paddling partner. It seems like a very reasonable alternative to the very expensive small EPIRBs, and the feature that allows you to send an ‘I’m OK’ message is great.


Here is a link and a good review.

Nov 1 availibility date…
There selling on the REI web site already, but I did notice the Nov 1 availability date.

Or much of Alaska
Thanks for the post!!


I have been using one of these and have to admit that I really like it. Besides the kayak, it would be good for any type of hiking or travel our of typical cell coverage. You could also put it in your car to track your teen’s whereabouts, or even as theft insurance. I like it.

Time to bring this up again. I’m intrigued. I’m curious what the word is on the street now.

I have no expecatation that this unit would replace an EPIRB, gps, sat phone, etc. but I do like the idea that my my family could follow me while I’m on extended kayak trips and out of range for conventional means of communications. When I’m “out” I’m really not interested in any details coming back at me but the idea of loved ones being able to see where I’m at and track my progress sounds like a good idea.

Does this deliver at a good value proposition?