Spot Thingys

Been looking at them Spot satellite thingys, ya know the orange cell phone looking thing that has a button you press so people locate and bring you stuff. Anyone tried one and how much is their beer? That would be cool to just press a button and have people show up bringing you cold ones. As long as their beer isn’t crazy priced like the bar or movie theater beer is. I aint paying 4 bucks per beer per case…that would get expensive.

But… But…

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Wat if it wuz delivered by de Swedish Bikini Rescue Team?



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I haven't used Spot myself but I know U have to subscribe to it....That fee runs some where's around $100 per year for the service. W/O the subscription, Spot is useless. BTW..rescuee's usually get a bill for the "rescue" nowadays...that would be a very expensive beer run.

I do have SPOT
and it will not bring beer. It will however bring CanadianForces in Canada,and they DO NOT charge for rescue.

An acquaintance in Wabakimi PP had an accident.As that park twice the size of BWCA has less than two percent of the BWCA visits, it a sure shot he would have been dead without SPOT or a proper PLB. Canadian Forces arrived in less than one hour…pretty good for time where the nearest town is two hundred miles away.

Know the rules for billing for rescue before you go. No general statement of billing is valid. Circumstances can vary.

You can be billed in New Hampshire for rescue if you are found ill equipped. You will not be if the accident was truly an accident and not an act of stupidity.

What is the initial cost of the SPOT ?
I have a PLB (that is for a one use only)and I think I am going to have to get a SPOT for an uncoming event next year.

Thanks for posting the subscription fee. We were wondering about that also, but haven’t got into researching it yet

Jack L

Check out reviews
Check out the reviews of the Spot on line. There are some hidden fees and they have no govt control on them to not raise your fees whenever they want as opposed to cell phone companies. Plus they still need to work out some of the bugs as they are still somewhat delicate/ break easy. Also they get poor reception in some places just like a cell phone.

I’d choose PLB instead
Now that the price of some PLBs are about the same as a Spot with a one-year subscription, I’d definitely choose the PLB. Better reliability, more rugged, no subscription fee ever.

If you want to send “I’m ok” messages, there are PLBs offering that option as well, although they have a small subscription fee, I believe.