Spotted the "Gray Thing"

Who Ho, Pilgrims.

Fat Elmo be here. Ah’s be’a out in me back 40 tis day an’ lo an’ behold came ‘pon de infoomoose “Gray Thing” settin’ on me canoo. Must’a been migratin’ fro’ de Fort Collins territories out here ta Joisey. Probaaby out searchin’ fer a red P-140 - yer know de bestest 'yak ever made. Seems it’s little fatty brother came along wit it.


FE you have been missed ! WELCOME BACK

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I was here snacking on a Spam single when I saw your post. Now I am contemplating the 50 shades of grey thing on a psychedelic canoe! :crazy_face:

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Someone new to, errr,, could easily think your title refers to Us Old Folks Who Kayak, based on reading a couple of other current threads.

What do you call a group of Gray Things? AARP? An RV caravan? The early-dinner rush at Denny’s?

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That’s a hippie canoe. Reminds me of Janis Joplin’s Porsche.


Epic! What a great effing post ---- Janis was the most!

Welcome back Fat Elmo, you have been missed! Stick with us, we need you…

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Yup! dat be me “Hippie Canoo an’ Tyler too”.

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