Spray bottles on camping trips

Years ago in my backpacking days, I once went on a trip where water would be at a premium. So I took 2 small spray bottles along. In one, I put a solution of water and Dr. Bonners Biodegradable soap. In the other, plain water. I used them for cleanups, washing my hands and other things. I used far less water than I normally would use.

Plan on doing the same on a paddle and camp trip soon. I’ll be using a kayak.

Anyone else do anything similar?


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I usually skip the soap and washing
maybe I am gross.

Why kayaking?
Seems like a good idea where water isn’t available but have to say - if you can put a paddle in, the water is available.


Salt water paddling
I have a water filter, but it can’t convert salt to fresh.


I used to take a bug sprayer.
Boil water in a small pan,

fill the sprayer up, then

blast myself clean. -Nothing

like a hot shower when camping.

wash w/ salt water
You can wash just fine with salt water, though a quick rinse afterwards with fresh water is a welcome (but not required) addition.

Baby wipes

Bottle of sanitizer gel?
One application hand wash up. Nothing to pollute the enviro, 'cept for a little evaporated alcohol. Cleans and sanitizes better than water/soap. Just be sure to get unscented, as the perfumed stuff leaves residual on your hands which can get transferred to hand-eaten food, blecchhhh.

Aside from that, the two-spray bottle system seems like a handy idea. . . .


Salt water soap
Haven’t tried using it for days on end, but for at least a short time it’ll help keep you feeling a good bit little less sticky. I think we got the last batch from Campmor, but I am sure there are other sources.

If you hit a chinese restaurant you can pick up loads of these handwipes, which can be carried easily and used in a pinch.


salt fine for washing
Salt water is fine for washing. Althought certain soaps will clump or coagulate in salt water. I am using one now that is lavender scented and for both dishes and bodies. I will even wash my hair on long trips as it is usually wet anyway. Just getting the dried salt spray off is usually more than enough. Trick is to bring a towel and wipe or blot off most of the water.


Joy soap
lathers in salt water. It leaves my beard sparkling clean!

work great.

camping is camping…rinse the dishes/pots/pans and then “wash” with sand and seaweed…repeat as needed. voila - camp clean enough.

for my hands/face - the alcohol based gel is good.

when i get home i use the actual real life soap.

your idea is good too so long as the spray bottles don’t get in the way of any scotch bottles…which goes i suppose to indicate my priorities on a camping trip.

I use Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap
but not necessarily for washing. I mix it in a water bottle with a powerful sprayer, and use it to kill wasps. Stinging insects have always sought me out even as a toddler, and their interest is not friendly. No, I don’t use perfume or smelly shampoos or soaps - it’s just my natural scent that enrages them. And it’s not that “they can smell fear” on me - most of the time I don’t even know they’re there until they start flying at my face.

The mixture kills roaches (in my house) in 30 seconds, also. I suppose all soapy water will do that, but I like Dr. Bronner’s because I can use it in the woods without feeling as if I’m adding too much to the pollution, and I can use it at home around my cats and turtles without them suffering from bug poison.

Baby wipes
The longest I’ve gone without a shower is about 45 days. However, I used regular old baby wipes to keep bacteria growth down. I also found that baby wipes are a little easier to use in colder weather for cleaning yourself up.

Biodegradeable Soap.
Isn’t all soap supposed to be biodegradeable now? I thought it was a mandatory thing since the 70’s.


I use Kirks Castile soap. It cleans really well, you can wash your hair with it, and it rinses off instantly and completely. Plus its all natural… made from coconuts…no animal fats…