Spray cover link, help.

I know theres been some posts here about spray covers. Im looking for one to fit my Merlin II. Does anyone still have the link to the company posted here? It’s in Seattle, right?

Not looking for a link to Bell. They tried to set me up with a cover for a Wildfire, and it just doesn’t fit right. I didn’t like the nature of the cover anyway. Looking for something with snaps and some integrity to it.

Thanks for your help.


spray covers

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Cooke Custom Sewing probably has the pattern for the Merlin II on hand. They're at:


the seattle company
If you are thinking of a company on the west coast, you are probably thinking of Northwater.


I have the one from Cooke Custom Sewing
for my Rob Roy. It fits beautifully and the snaps are heavy duty.

Cooke Custom Sewing makes quality stuff.
Their tripping spray covers are practical. Don’t have to undo the whole thing to get at stuff. If you are up to making your own, look at Cliff Jacobson’s book on expedition canoeing. He has the basic design in there.