Spray decks anyone?

Wondering if anyone out there has any info, experience, insights, advice, or general BS about spray decks. Including: making one yourself, the gunwale attachment system, materials, etc. Brands anyone can recommend. Thanks in advance…

Depends on
who made your boat and what kind of paddling you do…and what time of year as well. Considerations are too numerous to mention without more specifics.

Cliff Jacobsen advice
The excellent book - Canoe Expeditions by Cliff Jacobsen, has lots of great tips not only for wilderness river expeditions, but for everyday paddling. Spray cover use and construction are covered in detail. Easy removal to avoid entrapment is critical.

I made portage pads (materials about $6) from a design in the book and they work great. Cliff has many books published including 50 Camping Secrets, which I still read periodically for reminders. He is a real down to earth paddling expert with good tips & a do-it-yourself attitude.

Cooke Custom Sewing

Custom made for your canoe! Good information at this site along with technical drawings. Dan Cooke is an excellent person to work with.

Here are 2 other designs …
that are worth comparing with CCS.



Thank You All…
for all the input…this should keep me busy for a little while… and maybe give me a project for this winter!!