spray guard

I just bought my first kayak, http://pelicansport.com/pursuit-100.html, and i was wondering what spray guard would be good for it.

By spray guard…

…I’m guessing you mean spray skirt.

For a white water boat, get a Mountain Surf. They

have an online guide to tell you exactly what you


They make nifty skirts for touring boats, but they

aren’t QUITE as nifty.

If it’s a touring boat, you might check the

manufacturer’s page and see if they have an

idea. Depending on who made it, they may also

make skirts, so a proper fit is damn near a

sure thing.

Beyond that, Outdoorplay.com, NRS.com, NOC.com

Don’t skimp on a skirt. Get a good one.

Do a measurement
and search. This one might fit: