Spray Jackets

Hey everyone,

I want to buy a spray jacket, but what should I look out for? Can anyone send some advice my way as to what brand, style, or recommendations. I saw some cool Patagonia spray jackets, but it seemed a little expensive.

Thanks you…

NRS has a good range. Also check Outdoorplay. This time of year paddling gear starts showing up on sale.

…since buying short and long sleeve dry tops, I don’t wear my paddling jackets any longer. Unless you’re a firm believer in the philosophy that “paddling is a dry sport” and you avoid getting wet like the plague, you’ll probably find that dry tops are a better solution.

Check out REI-outlet for clearance paddle wear (http://www.rei.com/outlet/category/22000415.htm?). Use coupon code WNTPT for $20 off $100 or more (exp 11/18).

2 'must haves’
in a paddle jac-


Latex wrist cuffs

hoods cut down on vision and hearing tho are nice in bad weather. OR/ SW’er hat works well.