Spray Skirt allow body movement?

I need a new spray skirt for my new sea kayak. I am considering a Snapdragon Glacier Trek or the like - neo deck and nylon tube and closure system around chest. Ordinarily I think this would be the best option given the type of paddling I do. My question is this - will a spray skirt like this allow for the body movement needed to execute a greenland style layback or sweep roll without the deck popping off the rim?

Depends on coaming
How likely it is that your spray skirt stays on, depends on how good the fit is to the coaming and what kind of coaming your boat has. Some poly boat coamings aren’t the best for retaining splash skirts.

My Snapdragon is the rand type and fits very tightly on the boat I use it on. It is the neoprene deck with nylon tunnel type and I don’t use it very often–it’s noisy.


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Hi rpg...The aquilisaq allows for the most freedom of movement... Compared to a sprayskirt it feels almost as if you have nothing on at all...



PS: Call me if you have any questions...

What boat do you have?
Might help to know.

My boat is
a P&H Aires 155.

Ahhh - I saw this
the other day. Do you find any issue with pooling in your lap? I have a medium keyhole cockpit.

Turns out I have one of Paulo’s custom made tuiliks. I love it but it is probably going to have to be sold or altered because I have a new smaller cockpit and a much smaller dimension - (lost 80 Lbs and still heading down - chest has gone from 48 to 38).

I’m still loving your paddle Bill. I haven’t touched a euro since it arrived.

Composite boat…
Skirt will hold fine as long as it is the right size.

Ok - good.
The skirt I had for my previous boat (plastic) would pop off if I sneezed.

Had one like that

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But actually I sent it back to Snapdragon with a tracing of the cockpit. They returned it with a thicker bungie and minimal change otherwise, stays on a plastic rim in whitewater now. At least the WW I do.

It should be fine
I used to have that sprayskirt model and rolled many, many times while using it. Never did it pop off.

Later, I switched to full neo skirts because they seal the tunnel a little tighter around the torso, and I moved to an area where heat is not a problem. Before, I would loosen the Velcro band when paddling (not rolling) if I felt hot. But it’s not a huge difference in sealing effectiveness.

Spray skirts
I see myself using this when the weather is warm and I am out for a casual paddle in good conditions which is a good deal of my paddling time. When it is cold and wet and rough water possible I will likely wear a tuilik.

Hi Rob and congrats on loosing the weight, I think I found some of it…! : )

Re: water pooling… Yes it happens but not a problem, at least not for me… Kayaking is a wet sport… Probably pools similar to your tuiliq… I’ve been using an aquilisaq for years now & would never go back as a spray skirt is too constricting…

Glad you are still enjoying your paddle… Plenty more where it came from… : )

Happy Holidays…