Spray Skirt companies

Only seem to have “Seals” branded skirts available locally. I’ve heard of snap dragon as well, never seen them though. What companies out there offer skirts and covers? Looking for nylon as it’ll be for warmer weather/flat water mainly.

Look for a Snapdragon dealer in your area: https://www.snapdragondesign.com/dealers/

BTW, Seals makes a good nylon skirt

I like and have spray skirts from both companies. The Seals Sneak is my summer favorite when rolling is not heavily involved. Neoprene skirts keep us much drier if doing roll practice or lots of surf play.

Add Immersion Research (preference for the Klingon {yeah, really}) series and Wildwasser Blue Moon model.

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NRS has a selection, including snapdragon.


It was dangerous checking their website. Last time I did I ended up with several box’s showing up at my door!

Reed Chillcheater for an option to neoprene. From UK and sold through US dealers https://seakayakusa.com/retailers/

@SharpsRifle, that’s funny.

To everyone responses so far, thank you. What models would you recommend for warmer weather, mainly touring with the odd rolling practice and/or edging practice… leaning towards nylon models for breathability.

Nylon isn’t breathable as it’s usually a coated fabric. It’s just not as insulative as neoprene. As a taut like neoprene but first like nylon I’d recommend the Seals Odyssey.

I was thinking similar to what Marshall is suggesting for you application - a neoprene deck skirt with nylon tunnel. You get the attachment to the boat benefit of neoprene, but the part wrapped around you is the less insulating nylon.