Spray Skirt Fit

I just received my new SnapDragon Ocean Trek skirt for my NDK Explorer HV. It’s my first neo skirt. According to the fit list, I need a medium. It just seems too small. I guess I could pull hard enough to get it to fit, but it just seems a bit extreme.

Here’s a photo that shows just how far off the fit seems to be.


Should they really be this right? Should I return it for a larger skirt?

Talk to them. A skirt for a composite
rim shouldn’t have to be that tight. I have a Snapdragon, and it does take some effort to get it around the keyhole rim in my WW kayak, but it’s not as far off as yours.

it should fit
I have used a medium Snapdragon on an HV and know several HV owners who use medium Snapdragons.

It is a tight fit at first, just get it on and leave it on for a day or so.

Fit and Snapdragon
Agree with above, leave it on for a couple of days and see if it feels a little friendlier on the fit. And then try pulling it off while lying in the boat on land, simulate the situation in the water. There is always the possibility that this particular skirt came out a little tight.

But the good part is that there is no harm done if it is Snapdragon (or Seals). I would guess the neo deck is fine regardless, that if there turns out to be an issue with this skirt that the bungie is a smidge short. Snapdragon is always good for a fix if you need, will do it for no cost.

I don’t know what size it takes

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but looking at the photo, it looks about right

in the photo, you haven't even begun to pull

plus, I assume the manufacturer's size recommendations are usually right

My Wildwasser skirt is about the same
on my boats. I was told many years ago, that you actually have to put the skirt on you and sit in the boat before you can say it is too tight.

Try it wet - it stretches more
Try fitting it wet - and make sure you are in it when trying to fit it to the cockpit. They stretch much easier when wet, and also, you leaning forward with the skirt already hooked over the back of the coaming assists in getting the front stretched forward.


I agree this looks about right.
You can’t really tell if it fits until you put it on and get in the boat and try it. In any kind of conditions, you want the skirt to be tight. It will relax a bit over time, and you’ll get used to putting it on.

Medium Snapdragon is the usual
The medium deck is the usual for Valley and NDK standard keyholes. However, the keyhole on the Explorer and Romany is very long front to back.

Janice at Atlantic Kayak Tours told me that she and Bill tend to use Snapdragon large decks for NDK boats as it goes on quicker with less fuss than the medium deck. This is mostly important if you may have to put the skirt on in conditions, surf, or with cold hands.

My criteria for a skirt fit (for me)
Get yourself in water just deep enough so you won’t hit your head when you are upside down.

Have someone you can trust standing by.

Roll yourself over, and then try to do a wet exit.

If you have to fight to get the skirt off then it is too tight.

We have two snap dragons for our new tandem on their way and according to the tracking should be here today.

We are keeping our fingers crossed on the fit!



re: Snapdragon custom spray deck
Snapdragon can also fabricate you a spray deck custom fitted to your kayak’s cockpit coaming if you want the best possible fit. You must place your order through a Snapdragon retailer, but you send a tracing (on paper) of the outer edge of your coaming directly to Snapdragon. You also indicate on the tracing the approximate location of your backband. You pay the dealer, and Snapdragon ships you the skirt directly. Turn-around is about 3 weeks.

I have done this with two boats and so far the results have been excellent.