spray skirt for 19 by 15 cockpit

What are the manufacturers of spray skirts that make ocean cockpit sized skirts? I am interested in one for a 19" by 15" cockpit.



Most of The Brands Do…
e.g. Seals, Brooks, Snapdragon. Yours is an ocean cockpit, though slightly smaller than the “standard” 20x16.

Pick the company you like, call them up and order. No biggie.

Or join the group purchases of neo that regularly happen at Qajaq/USA and make your own. Bunch of folks have.



Mountainsurf should make one.

I have had real good luck with Snapdragon. As Sing mentioned…just call them. They will ask for a template.


What is this, a kiddie cockpit??
I’d have to drop through a hole that size sideways.

If it’s a glass boat, you can lay up or install a new rim, and if the user is anything like normal size, the result may be a safer boat.

C-1 cockpit?
Those dimensions sound suspiciously like those of a slalom C-i’s cockpit. Most manufacturers should have one that will fit.


word of caution
Did you measure outside or inside? Sprayskirt manufacturers specify outside, while kayak designers worry about the inside

skirt for an SOF. Inside dimensions.

gotta laugh as some of the responses though…

Brooks Akuilisaq
Seriously - for what you want to work on - and where you are and will be paddling - this is a no-brainer. Made for the smaller Greenland cockpits (and they wil custom size if needed) You’ll appreciate the extra range of motion.


Or make one.

PS - Weekend paddle sounds good. Today and tomorrow (of course) shot, but maybe sometime Fri/Sat/Sun? I think Kim’s off Saturday, and hasn’t gotten to paddle in a LONG time. Might send and email later to see who else is around and up for a bit of whatever, or maybe already planning something…

Last seakayaker magazine have detailed instructions on DIY skirts, take a look.

Paddling this weekend? Let me know the plans, might have the chance to join you.

Inside Dimensions…

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if that is what you provided with 19x15, then your outside dimensions would be around or slightly more than 20x16, the standard ocean cockpit size. It's better to have a tight fit over the coaming than a loose one, in my opinion.

SnapDragon xxSmall deck is the ocean cockpit size. No special order needed. Double check it though with Snapdragon.