Spray skirt for 2010 Tahe Greenland with OC?

So I just acquired a Tahe Greenland with an ocean cockpit (the smaller size.) It didn’t come with a spray skirt. It looks like my best bet might be to order one from Reed Chillcheater, now that Snapdragon is out of business. Anyone with one of these have any better suggestion? Thanks.

(And on another note, it must all be someone else’s fault that I have 5 kayaks now!)

What are the cockpit measurements? I bought the neoprene skirt for the OC on my Arctic hawk at Cape Falcon Kayak. Seals Custom Sprayskirt: Greenland cockpit – Cape Falcon Kayak

Thanks, that’s a good idea, I didn’t even think of Cape Falcon. The specifications say it’s 50 x 40 cm, but when I measured it it seems about 18 1/2” x 15 1/2” – I better not gain any weight!

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I got a Tahe Greenland back in 2010 (ocean cockpit)
Reed Chillcheater (https://www.chillcheater.com/) has one for this size.
I ordered from ‘SecondWindSports’ at the time (don’t know if they’re still in business), but you can order direct from Chillcheater (they are in the UK) - or find a dealer that carries them.

Thanks! Do you still have the kayak? Like it?

Yes, I love it, however it doesn’t get a lot of use.
I’ve only put 1152 miles on it.
I only use it in the summer because I only use it for rolling practive/play.
If there are any rolls you want to learn on another kayak, first - start and perfect it with the Greenland, then transfer the skill to the other kayak.
So, while it doesn’t get very much use (I’ve got a few other kayaks), it’s a kayak I won’t be getting rid of any time soon.
(I even had a ‘rolling’ kayak (Shrike-R) built to my spec (my body size) - but it didn’t roll as well as the Greenland (though that’s just me). )


Great, thanks. My spouse and I want to learn rolling and other Greenland skills with it, and then transfer those skills to our bigger sea kayaks. But you never know, so far we only do day trips so perhaps we’ll end up using it for goin’ places as well.

Contact Cheri or Turner at KayakWays.net. They’ll get you properly outfitted with Reed gear. The Tahe Greenland is the same design as the Rebel Ilaga. I use a Reed akuilisaq, which provides a great deal of torso freedom.


Excellent advice, thanks. I was thinking a spray skirt would be better for rolling practice than an akuilisaq but I’ve never used the latter. What do you think?

Also, you said in another thread that you were the kind soul who lent me a foam masik in the pool at Delmarva. I was in a Tahe Greenland if I recall correctly (though I was so focused it’s all a blur now). Could you please share how you made your masik, or maybe point me to directions if such exist? And thank you a bit late! :blush:

Yep, that was me. I was in a black Ilaga. The akuilisaq provides a great deal of movement, both rotational and transverse, where a spray deck tends to restrict. I use mine mostly when its too warm for a tuiliq. The akullisaq seals out water almost a well as a spreay deck. I would recommend contacting Turner about both the akullisaq and the foam masik.

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Thank you. I wonder if we met. There were many black Ilagas there!

Think you are in the background in this pic. I’m in the foreground.

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Nope, that’s not me, though just looking at that picture makes me feel happy!

At least… I don’t THINK it’s me. If it is me, I totally do not remember that moment. Which I suppose is possible. :slight_smile:

But now that I looked back at my pictures I recognize you and we did indeed meet! :blush:

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I have a similar question, but for a Valley Anas Acuta with ocean cockpit. I got a Reed skirt last year and am not impressed. They seem pretty fragile. YMMV. My problem is that the buckle on my tow belt has pinched the skirt against the coaming and put several holes in it. This is my day tripping and play boat and I almost always wear my tow belt so a more robust skirt seems necessary. I don’t see how this skirt would stand up to teaching or performing rescues

Fortunately, the Reed akullisaq that I use with my Ilaga also fits my old OC Anas. I worry a bit when doing rescues as the Reed material is a bit thin. Not surprised you’ve punctured yours.
Per Seals’ website, a neoprene spray skirt for an OC AA is available as custom order. The heavier neoprene material of the Seals skirt might be a better choice for teaching. Brooks Greenland Gear makes a neoprene akuilisaq if you do a lot of rolling.

Thanks for the info. I have contacted Seals and they need me to go through one of their dealers and provide them a tracing of my coaming. The nearest is 5+ hours away. I was hoping for something more off the shelf. As for rolling I have both Brooks and Reed tuiliqs. I also have one I made many years ago which gets the most use. The Reed is nice and fits both ocean and keyhole cockpits and I use it on my Romany or Explorer.

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Dont suppose yr anywhere near the Mid-Atlantic…
Another source is Topkayaker com. Tom has a Seals skirt in stock per the website: Valley Ocean Cockpit Sea Sprite Sprayskirt (OC) [SEALS-SBSS-OC-VALLEY (4D3)] - $185.95 : TopKayaker, Your Online Outfitter