Spray skirt for a Dagger Axis?

I bought an Immersion Research Royale spray skirt, size XXL for my Dagger Axis 10.5. It’s a rand skirt. IR’s size chart says that’s the right size for my boat. But I can’t get the thing on by myself no matter what I try or how hard I try to stretch it. The skirt is brand new, though I got it second hand. I’m planning to sell it to someone who can use it and try again to find a skirt for my boat.

I have one of those cheap nylon highly-adjustable skirts that is good for actually deflecting “spray”, but is not good at resisting implosion. I want to learn to roll the kayak, so I need a neoprene skirt, but I need one that’s not so tight that I can’t get it on by myself.

Does anyone have experience with a good neoprene skirt that fits a Dagger Axis cockpit that a person of average strength can put on the boat and which is suitable for rolling and moderate whitewater?

http://www.austinkayak.com/products/2967/Dagger-Axis-Kayak-Sprayskirt.html AKC claims it’s suitable for rolling.

While I have no experience with this particular skirt, I do have a Seals stretch nylon bungee skirt for my 31.5" x 16.5" cockpit. Easy to get on and more importantly, off.

Recently had a monster wake (at least 3’) from a speeding 30-ft power boat hit me on the beam (he did it deliberately). The skirt didn’t implode and I managed to stay upright, although I’m still mentally cursing the creep.

Often the skirt has adjustment (knot) at the back of the skirt. They too often need streching. Install and let it sit a few days. In the sun helps…

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately this skirt has no adjustment option. I did try the stretching, though. With extreme exertion by two people I was able to get the skirt on the cockpit, and left it for 2 days. After that I was able to get slightly closer to putting it on by myself, so I reinstalled it and let it sit for a week. Again there was minor improvement but still not to the extent that I’d ever be able to get it on by myself.

Now, neither stretching experiment let it sit in the sun, though. Do you suppose that would make a really big difference compared to the stretching it did in the shade?

Does your seat back stick up above the cockpit?

This reminds me of a wet suit I bought once. I gave it away and got a different one.

38 x 21" cockpit is a big hole. Most seakayaks would be a smaller.

And yes the seat does protrude into the skirt area.

Actually on the Axis, the seatback can be set high above the cockpit, but it also has a lower position. In the low position it may protrude a tiny amount, but I’d guess less than an inch. When I had the skirt on the boat while I was trying to stretch it, the surface looked essentially flat (though the seatback may have been pushed forward at that point). When I’m wearing the skirt and trying to fit it onto the cockpit, I’m sure the seatback (in the low position) does not interfere with getting the skirt on the boat.

@beauxeault How far forward are you leaning to get the front of the skirt on? I have one whitewater skirt that I can’t finish by myself because as I read forward to finish putting it on I end up pulling the back off. I just need longer arms or more skirt behind me. The fit of the skirt is tight, and soaking it for a bit when it hasn’t been used is a good idea, but would be OK if I could go forward without pulling the back up.
If you have a higher seat back and a larger cockpit, that could be the source of your problem.