Spray skirt for a pungo 120? -newbe-

Just bought a pungo 120 a few weeks ago. I’ve wanted to start Kayaking for a wile. Anyway of recent I’ve been leaning how to paddle correctly and keep a straight tract on local lakes. (I live 5 miles away from two reservoirs and one major river!) (How can I not own a kayak?) Later this month I want to hit some rivers and eventually some bays and such. Also I’d like to be able to paddle in the rain. (Yeah I live in Oregon) So I need a spray skirt. But what kind should I get for my pungo 120??? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!


Seals Sneak size 7

Best skirt for a large-opening cockpit.

NRS Catalina Sprayskirt
This is what I am using on my Pungo 140. Can be a little fun to get on but it has worked well so far.


Think I just might order the Seals Sneak size 7. I like the easy acess zippers. May also pick up a half skirt for choppy days at the lake. Thank you guys for the imput.