Spray skirt for an Avocet LV??

Hello all,

I just got an Avocet LV but do not have a sprayskirt. I checked the ‘Seals’ website sizing chart but they lump all the Avocet models together as 1.4. I borrowed my husband’s 1.4 Seals sprayskirt and while it does fit nicely around the combing, there is a LOT of excess fabric on top; bad for pooling water. Any ideas out there? Does anyone have an Avocet LV and if so, what sprayskirt size or type do they use?

Much appreciated for your help.

Custom skirt?
I know Snap Dragon will build you a custom spray deck. I have also heard that Seals will do the same.

For a Snap Dragon skirt you must place the order through one of their ‘authorized’ dealers, but you can send the tracing to them directly and Snap Dragon will drop ship the skirt to you.

I am not sure of the process with Seals. You could call Joe at Seals and ask.

Regardless of any given manufacturer’s fit chart I have also found that a spray deck made from a tracing of the target boats coaming fits best :wink:


Or ask Janice at AKT
Janice at AKT has an Avocet LV on hand and you might ask her which skirt she finds best.


You might consider a reed skirt. We have the LV models that fit the Explorer and Romany LV and it may be very similar. We’re out of the country, but happy to do some measurements when we return on the 29th if you like.


Virginia Sea Kayak Center

I’ve had Seals custom make
a skirt and will probably order another soon. The order is placed through a Seals dealer for the model skirt you want. The dealer will order it for you and state that you are sending in a tracing. You then make a cockpit tracing and mail it to Seals. Be sure to mark where the backband contacts you and the spraydeck. Seals will move the tunnel forward to accommodate that in most sea kayaks. Many stock neo skirts have the tunnel located too far back because they are meant for WW boats. Some work fine on touring boats, others do not. There are directions on Seals website for making a tracing. I think it’s under the FAQ section.



Snapdragon “LV” size may fit
I got the Snapdragon LV deck for my Explorer LV. It fits perfectly. From what I understand, it’s smaller than their Extra Small.